A Good Life Grows with Unforseen Charges

The bill from the car garage was almost shocking.

My son dropped off his “truck” to seek repairs for some pipe that rattled and caused a loud muffling noise.

Thought it would be cost around $75 to $100.

Got a phone call from the gas station and immediately accompanied my son to the see this mechanic. What kind of service can you call it when he announcesno charge?” Just a few nuts and bolts needed adjustment, he added.

You don’t know how good life is, until you find and develop a friendship with an honest, reliable mechanic or two. Thanks Bob and John.

One comment on “A Good Life Grows with Unforseen Charges

  1. […] It was a loose wire, the trusted mechanic told me later. There was no charge, and it made my day, particularly, since it was the second time John the mechanic checked out one of  our vehicles with no charge. See: A Good Life Grows with Unforseen Charges. […]


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