Glass half full with wine; half with juice

What does morning orange juice and evening red wine have in common at my house?

They’re served in the same glass, thank you very much.

The dual container is one of those greenish Coca Cola glasses. Holds no more than four or five ounces. Just enough to wet your whistle in the morning when juice is the only “food” ingested for breakfast. I know it is not the most nutritious meal. Tell that to my 17-year-old who would rush out of the home each school day with nothing to coat his stomach. Tell that to the many workaholics who guzzle nothing but coffee  — black coffee — to start their Type-A-Personality-day.

Little does my son know, however, that I wash the same glass the night before after I have enjoyed at least two swirling cups of an inexpensive red wine, usually while writing a post here.

There. I just took a gentlemanly sip for you. Another for my son. Let’s not forget the fellows at WordPress; here’s one for them. (See Red Wine 4 Health)

All right. I could go on like this for another hour. With frequent refills. And keep adding to the warm feeling you get when you truly connect with the world around, and within, you.  

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