Back Repairs Sought to Bolster Life of Back

I “intend” to  repair my back.

Not “cure” it. Not fix it.

Just get it back into working order. No more pains while getting out of bed or putting one leg after another into a pair of pants. That’s all. Make the back serviceable again.

i come from a long line of back sufferers. It’s genetic. My mother and father each had problems. I remember walking on my father’s back when I was little, and how some 30 odd years later I got my kid to walk on mine. I’ve been to see a chiropractor for several years, just as my mother did before me. I hear stories about my brother who can’t sleep some nights because  of his back pain.

In addition to inheriting some defective DNA, I must have injured my back while “playing” on a computer when we first purchased one almost 15 years ago. I was entering one contest after another, and kept stretching the mouse to actually hit the “enter” key when I felt something “pop” diagonally across my back, from the right shoulder to the left hip. I have had  lower back pain since.

But it is now time for me to declare war on the pain. I want to cut the annoyance in half over the next year. I plan to do that with a combination of “new age” healing techniques. I will meditate and send warm soothing awareness to the body parts, cushioning each with soft tender care. Next, I’ll’ return for more  acupuncture treatments and focus primarily on the back and not my general  wellness.

The third prong of my attack will come from EFT, the tapping procedure which I understand can do wonders for back pain. I think I may have already started the process on this one, when I set my attention to help ease any emotional pangs to my back due to carrying too many burdens for one lifetime.

Hey, I got through my teenage years without being shot or imprisoned. That was one load. The more crucial one came in Vietnam having to lead a bunch of guys in combat when I was only 21. My shoulders sagged for years afterward and I still lug around remnants of that experience inside a PTSD briefcase.

Ever face a deadline night after night, holiday after holiday and eventually get to a point where you have more nightmares about missing the “last call” at a daily newspaper than you do of fighting in war? That’s what life was like for some 8 years working on a daily newspaper. It was a grind.

The only job worse would be to be a lawyer trying cases everyday in a criminal court room. I did that for 20 years.

No wonder my back hurts! I’m probably carrying around decades of unprocessed thoughts and emotions that span some 40 years. It’s about time I deal with this extra weight.

Have already started a good exercise routine, stretching the back, shoulders and legs. It’s amazing how the appendages effect the back. Now all I need Is the intent to repair. Got it?

I got it. And I’ll be back soon to let you know about my back.

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