Opening Your Self Can Free Most Kids

Opening up one’s Self can be hazardous to your health.

I really mean that. Writing from the heart, digging deep into the well of emotions and getting in touch with that true Self can leave you vulnerable. A little weak. Even dazed.

It’s like “blood-letting.” You reach inside, focusing on a part that has rarely seen the light of day, or a memory that gets recalled only when you see a phrase or two on another’s blog and so you must go within to retrieve that  just-now-remembered something from your inner Self.

The process involves trust. A trust that the revelation you offer won’t be viewed with scorn, held up to ridicule or used against you in some other forum, some other means of prosecution, persecution or indictment.

What if your offering appears unacceptable, what if it encroaches on someone’s sensibilities, some “untouchable” area where you’re viewed as being simply “tasteless,” or worse yet, “irrelevant?

Free to Strut your Stuff

I pour my heart out when I write. That’s if I can reach the core inside and let that cocky little kid strut his stuff out in the open. I like him, but he can get me into trouble with name-calling, taking too many risks, and now and then wanting a little more red wine than the night before. But if he can roam free, like a bantam rooster flying to a rooftop and chasing one hen after another, then I can feel free to innovate, to imagine, to create. Free to shout “I LOVE YOU!” or  warn not to” piss me off” with the same amount of vigor. Courageously. Looking you in the eye full with life and laughter; without fear of retaliation. Or fear of being spit at.

It is when the writing ends, the article reaches that last line, that I feel my wings draw closer to my body. I need to rest. Need to retire. Sleep.

Until the next time, when I will be squawking at your door, awakening the kid in YOU to “come out and play,” or “come closer to God,” perhaps even to say “You were right about me after all. I am your sensitive friend, and I need you.”

Now, that is what I call opening a vein from one searcher to another!

Yet, writing drains me. I cannot deal with matters of  importance now. Not after leaking more important matters here. Please, don’t  let them mess with me now.

12 comments on “Opening Your Self Can Free Most Kids

  1. onesurvivor says:

    I don’t know how I missed this before. I love your description of that little boy inside. I hope he is coming out to play on a regular basis!


    • contoveros says:

      Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!

      Isn’t that what we’re best at? Playing . . .

      Or have we gotten too old to remember how much fun it can be? Want to play when I turn 89 years old with some lady pushing 99!

      Always had a thing for older women; more playful!

      michael j


      • onesurvivor says:

        I am not used to this new rating thing. 😛

        Actually…looking down…I can see that I DID see this before. I must have been in a different place back then. LOL

        I intend to keep the playful side of me that my Creator blessed me with. There are times in life when seriousness is called for. There are other times in life when I believe we really need that playful side!


        • contoveros says:

          Wouldn’t it be great to treat the whole world like it was God’s playground and we could trust ourselves and all others not to cause suffering, but only good will?

          Maybe He wants that. Wouldn’t hurt in trying with those of us who’d like to work toward that goal.

          michael j


          • onesurvivor says:

            I think our Creator enjoys play…and that He enjoys us. Life is serious business, but there is joy in there, too.


            • contoveros says:

              It has taken me a while to comply to a request of one of the Creator’s finest “creatures,” but we Greeks are sometimes slow in getting around to removing unwanted tags, such as a name that some other may use without our intent.

              I wonder what games a saint might have played?

              You think Buddha ever played Jax, that is, if a version was invented 2,500 yearas ago?

              And was Jesus ever “It?” . . . Did he look for a hidden space beneath a carpenter’s bench to play a little hide and seek in the village of Nazareth ?

              We know the Greek gods were full of fun. (Lusty bunch too, from what I hear).

              So why should people who may be “Light Workers” not enjoy a little frivolity? All in fun, to “lighten up” the “serious business” you mention.

              Thank you, my dear one.

              michel j


    • contoveros says:

      Just re-read your post on “being thankful” and felt such a warm glow spread over me.

      What did you put into that piece to get me so high?

      Love. It had to be a good shot or two of unconditional love.


      michael j


      • onesurvivor says:

        Well…if it is love…it is the love of Yeshua flowing through me. I like to think I love unconditionally…but I am way too imperfect to have that kind of love on my own. So…He loves through me…when I don’t get in the way that is. LOL


        • contoveros says:

          “. . .when I don’t get in the way . . .”

          That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?

          We have to get the “I” out of the way for undconditional love to flow.

          Sounds simple enough to the “me.”

          There is none else besides Him,” is a little prayer I picked up, and have been applying when I find myself in a situation when I want to “feel” His Higher Presence.” As soon, as He enters my space — and I can feel softening in my tense shoulders and hands gripping onto the Wheel of Life — I kick Him out.

          Yeah, push Him away and say the follow up: “There is none besides me,” which enables the Free Will inside of me to make a decision I believe God would have wanted me to make had he “forced me” to make it. To be like Him.

          He doesn’t want anyone to feel that they are “forced” to “love Him.”

          Would you?

          We want love from the free will of another person, another being. I think He does too!

          michael j


  2. saradode says:

    I like you, Michael. You’ve got some serious life in you. Keep playing. 🙂



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