Pranic Healing Begets Mighty Meta Care

I hear a young voice behind me. At first, I think it was a boy. Turns out, it’s Mary Kate, a 7-year-old girl. She’s crying. Not loudly, but softly, as if she’s hurting somewhere no one can comfort her.

Her mother is praying over me. She is administering a “pranic healing.” My eyes close. I  envision this young woman, a school teacher, and a “healer” at a Skippack, PA, spiritual center, removing negative particles surrounding my aura, my energy field.

Whoosh! There goes a hand sweeping across my head. I feel a light breeze. Although I am meditating, I am completely aware of my surroundings. I feel safe. Secure.

The child asks for something. Mom responds, offering a compromise of sorts. The youngster rejects it, requesting something else, something more. How do I know this? Call it a “feeling” as I focus on the youth, wanting to help her. I want to ease her discomfort, so my healing could start.

I reach inside, into that well of “good” feelings. I call it Love with a capital “L.” It is connected to energy all around me as well as within. We all have it. Some call it “Divine Love.” But, we rarely use it.

I  “project ” that good feeling, that Love to the child, hoping to rid her suffering, her pain. Wave after wave of warmth washes over me as I open a gate to let whatever healing power there may exist, aid the young person.

Unconditionally. . .Compassionately. . .Lovingly.

Tears start, first at the crease of one of my eyes and then the other. Not bad tears, you know, the good ones that come at end of an old-time movie when the hero overcomes evil and saves the day. You know how it will end, but you watch because you like the way it makes you feel.

(See Part II, at  Dreamcatcher opens avenues for healing)

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