Why We Want No More War Anniversaries

War is good for no one.

No one is good for war.

War good is for no one.

One good is for no war.

Is war no good for one?

No good is war for one.

Any way you mix it, the message seems to cry out the same. 

No More . . .  No More . . . No More . . .

— michael j

on the 39th anniversary of someone else’s Vietnam war

3 comments on “Why We Want No More War Anniversaries

  1. Amen, Michael J.


  2. saradode says:

    Hey, Michael,

    I have no idea what triggered it, but a few mornings ago I woke up thinking about how many souls must have been left behind in Vietnam–those of the people who died,and those of the ones who made it home. (At the moment John Lennon’s Christmas song–“war is over if you want”–is playing in the bathroom where my son is taking a bath.) I hope you find a way to make it be over, and find peace.



    • contoveros says:


      My “message” may have an anti-war mix to it. Today, I wanted to write about how God touched me while anxiously waiting for one of those traffic lights — you know, one of the “l o n g” red lights to turn green — and I melted into another reality, one of peace, love and contentment.

      It stayed with me until I saw a post on Kosovo by a Teri Perez and I felt compelled to give my two cents worth about her poem, and then decided to go public. Why? I felt inspired to cut through war with an avenging sword.

      Never did get that earlier feeling back. But, there is always tomorrow.


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