Dalai Lama Fulfills My Holiday Wish List

Please See original Story My Xmas Wish List to the Dalai Lama

My three wishes came true.

Each manifested differently; I didn’t realize all were granted until the end of the day, the time in which I asked for them to come true.

Did the Dalai Lama have anything to do with it? He probably had no idea that I had sent a message over the blogosphere asking my “wishes” be granted by the next time I attended a Buddhist ceremony. But some “Magic” occurred. I’m going to give him the credit. And now that I am the recipient of such largesse, I have no doubt that I am on the right path on a journey that will eventually take me to India and a brand new world beyond.

One wish was to give flowers to the Tibetan Buddhist monk at services the next time I attended the Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia. Being new at this, I didn’t know if I’d be allowed, and wished for “permission.” Another blogger, a woman who practices Buddhism, convinced me that flowers were always welcome. I thanked her, got a bunch of purple and yellow flowers. But I felt my dream would never materialize because the spiritual leader, Losang  Samten, planned to visit his adopted country, India. (His family had fled there when forced out of Tibet.) He announced that he would be leaving shortly after Christmas. I could not figure out why, for the life of me,  anyone would stay until Sunday afternoon — a full two days after the holiday — to leave for what will be at least a 24-hour airplane flight.

But there he was, greeting all who entered the Center! He planned to conduct services before leaving. I felt like the first “click” of a combination lock had just “pinged” into place. I chose a vase for the flowers and trimmed the ends, but left it on a beverage counter. There were no flowers at the “altar” the last time I was here, and I didn’t want to simply walk over to the “mantle” and place them near the Dalai Lama’s enlarged picture. I noticed however, that before services had begun, someone had placed the flowers there.

My second wish came true when I noticed how quiet it was  before and after services. I had asked for “peace in silence” after hearing what I thought was some “noisy” chatter there. Everyone seemed to be speaking softly today, almost in whispers, and I humbly followed their lead. (That second “click” for the combination lock seemed to had just fallen into place.)

And what about the last wish? To “be enlightened” but not with the harsh glare of bright lights? The temperature climbed close to 50 degrees Sunday, and there was sunlight shining through the expansive windows at the center. While meditating, I could tell a slight difference from the time before. I focused internally to visualize a “blue” light, and while I was not totally successful, I was able to draw a “darker” shade of color in my mind’s eyes. I saw streaks of  blue that covered a white light. My vision was dimmed. So was the light.

It wasn’t until I opened my eyes and was preparing to leave that I noticed a major difference, and mentioned it to the president of the center, Barbara Montgomery, that someone had turned off all fluorescent ceiling lights and only natural sunlight provided our indoor lighting. She smiled brightly, but like the Dalai Llama, probably had no idea what I was talking about.

 CLICK — the imaginary “lock” had finally sprung open!

Now all  my wishes were granted. But, did I feel “enlightened?” Maybe. By a scintilla.  More importantly, I have a better “understanding” of my Self, and I see a little clearer, and a little more in the direction I am being called.

One comment on “Dalai Lama Fulfills My Holiday Wish List

  1. Terri says:

    That is soooo cool I would like to do something like that I have a friend that made a trip to Tibet a few years ago. It was a wonderful trip for her and she shared her feelings and thoughts with me. Some day we hope to make that same trip together and share the spititual experience.


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