2010 — see movie while seeing in new year

2010, the Year We Make Contact.”

What a movie. What a year it projected. I forgot someone made a motion picture about it. Not as good as “2001, A Space Oddyssey,” but better than “1984″ the movie based on George Orwell’s prophetic book, and “1776,” the musical. Was there a “1941” with Dan Aykroyd? Was it Raquel Welsh who “starred” in “One Million Years, BC?” And, what about “10,000 BC?”

Uh, oh. Almost forgot “2012,” out in theaters as we speak.

We can all remember what happened in preparation for the catastrophe that occured in the Year 2,000. Remember? And how much money did the federal government of the United States spend to protect us? That would make a good movie, if one hasn’t been done already.

Well, the 10 years of the “Aughts” will soon be history. So will the movies with the number of “years” in their titles. At least, one can hope so.

See you next decade!

(Many thanks to a blogger with whom I left this message. I stole his idea for using the artwork. Can’t re-locate him now.)

7 comments on “2010 — see movie while seeing in new year

  1. Hey Michael J!

    In one of our interesting “coincidences” I just happened upon “2010” on Comcast and watched it this last weekend…..I agree that it’s not up to the original, but is still hugely enjoyable….and I found parts of it especially moving this time….especially the final scenes with Hal, who shows a touching altruism in his self-sacrifice, whereas he has been such an evil presence in the first movie…and then, just before Jupiter becomes a star, the disembodied voice of Dave, reassuring Hal that he would not be destroyed by the nova but would be with him “where I am”….always…….I actually got all choked up….

    And indeed, have a good decade, my friend!


  2. must see when I get back from my travelling, visually exciting movie from the trailer, Peace for 2010 for all.


  3. Snædís says:

    You are such an optimistic man michael j; “the end of movies with the number of years”?!?!

    Yet, what would we then be told to fear? The Now Moment? A sheer impossible task! – one would think…

    But then the human imagination does not cease to surprise me when it comes to making Fear, er Money I mean; I can already hear them preaching that the Now Moment is the work of the Devil hehehe


  4. lol! I guess we can look forward to 2525, but will we make it to 9595?


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