Spirit World may speak within each of us

Continued from Voices of a Past Life arise from meditation

Don’t like this “hearing voices” phenomenon. Uncomfortable with it. Instead of “voices” maybe it’s more like “spirits.” Yeah, that sounds less strange. A little “spirit” spoke to him. His “spirits” are high today.

So what are these “spirits” doing? Haven’t the foggiest. I can tell their images are different. One is guy from the Middle Ages I wrote of in Part I. Another is a young girl, short dark hair who needs protection after speaking. She encouraged the study of Buddhism, while some smart-aleck guy riduculed her and I “offered him out.” (He refused to fight!) Others take on no shape, no real dimension. They just kind of “mumble” and offer bits and pieces of conversations. Not enough to go out and play the numbers with any guarantee of success.

I also hear my dream creations speak. I pay closer attention to them, because I have a better recall of what was said. Once, a young woman advised me to wear “suitable” clothing while attending a retreat on PTSD and Buddhist meditation. On a Thursday night. That’s right. The actual night was specified. (See: Dream.) I found myself carting a suit to the event, only to find I needed to wear nothing but my “birthday” suit to a sauna shared by both men and women, sans all clothing. Swimming suits were “optional,” not required. (No one wore “em. Suits, that is.)

At least the spirits I hear are in English. Got a friend that hears them in stereo Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. She spends lots of time checking the “sounds” against the older usages of the words, and a spiritual message is almost always provided her.

Can I be having some contact with a past life? Never put much stock in it. Thought it was something that people with time on their hands, and no serious work to do, dabbled with.  Plus, the Catholic Church was against it, I think. Was a “pagan” thing best left for Protestants to persue, some nun or other may have said. Hell, when I got married by a Methodist minister in a Presbyterian church, I thought I could try a bunch of “New Age” stuff without fear of mortal sin. However, some “Jesus Freak” well-versed in “born-again” religious fervor — and of whom I deeply loved — advised me this past life business was simply “devil idolatry.” Ouch!

Then I read Edgar Cayce —  the clairvoyant and the modern prophet, according to some — and thought that there might be something to it. Next came dream interpretation by Dr. Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist. And finally,  I found my time to “dabble” with a little Eastern thought, where reincarnation is the norm, not the abnormal.

Karma is what it is all about, I learned. The way I understand it, there is cause and effect in the world. Whatever you do will come back to you. The good, and the bad. If you’re lucky, it will all come back in one lifetime as you achieve enlightenment and escape the suffering in another life. But only a few reach Buddhahood. The rest of us are destined to return. And face the Karma boom-a-rang. Whatever you did not learn or achieve in one life, you’ll come back to try in another. Whatever ill or evil you performed, will come right back at you. Maybe in a next life. Without you even knowing why you are paying such a price with such suffering .

I hope to nudge the voices to a far corner for now. If I can capture a distinct word or two, I’ll try to follow it up. And don’t you call me crazy. That’ll be Mr. Crazy to you. And you better say it in a good spirit with a smile on your face. I may get you back in another life.

9 comments on “Spirit World may speak within each of us

  1. A friend of mine taught me a nice regression technique. Take a hot bath, and while perfectly relaxed, imagine yourself walking down a flight of stairs. When you get to the bottom, look at your shoes, and the rest of the ‘vision’ might take off from there.

    Once, my shoes were my bare feet dangling off a bowsprit as I sailed a wooden war ship in the South Pacific. This might explain my current love of boats and the sea.

    Another time my shoes had large buckles and they were resting in the stirrups of my saddle. I had leather cases holding several maps tied to the saddle as well. I was a cartographer, riding around the European countryside, sometime in the months before the battle of Waterloo. Which might explain my love of maps and navigation.

    Are these actual past-life remembrances? I don’t know, and it doesn’t much matter. However, if they are, then it points out areas (sailing, navigation, cartography, horseback riding) that I might find really easy to learn (since I’ve already learned these in other lives), and I might excel at in this life. So, the trick is to try to pull the knowledge and wisdom from those other lives into this one.

    Sounds like you’ve been a warrior in more than one lifetime michael, maybe you can pull from that to help you with your PTSD?


    • contoveros says:

      I brought you comments to the attention of “Kim” who has thought of seeing someone for a past live regression. I hope to try your technique of looking at the footwear. Now all I have to do is find time to take a bath.

      I don’t mean it like it sounds. I take showers, and when I take a bath, I soak for at least an hour while meditating and letting all my cares ascend with the steam rising to the ceiling.

      I should do it more often. Find time, that is.

      thanks again.

      michael j


  2. kim says:

    I’ve been thinking of going through hypnotic regression for a few different reasons, but one of them was because I have had a couple strange visions during meditation. I think they may have been past lives– but not sure. There is some disconnection between time and place. Just snippets of events really, but so detailed it seems more than a dream. Like I lived it. I really want need to explore it further. The workshop you went to sounds interesting.


    • contoveros says:

      We need to investigate this more. Unfortunately, my best sources, a Zen teacher and a Buddhist monk, are not available right now. And one of the reason I wrote this was to see if I could get feedback from people experiencing the same things.

      We’re kindred spirits, you think? Maybe. Talking about it might bring us some help. (to be continued.)


  3. saradode says:

    Tell him I love him, too 🙂



  4. saradode says:

    Well, if that ain’t the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, you…you…pagan spirit-listening Greek, you! 🙂 And that girl listening to the Aramaic, Hebrew, and (pagan!) Greek…clearly a whackjob.

    Pretty wild, Michael…and sounds familiar. And, to be perfectly serious, you do need to be careful–take it from one who knows. You’re one of the few people who’s read enough of my blog to know that things can get kind of hairy if that’s what’s really happening. I’ll be happy to talk to you more about it if you’d like.

    Nancy, who’s not a whackjob either, and is off to look up some new words on the Hebrew lexicon now that she finally has access to the internet again after about 4 days…oh, yes, and also to try to figure out what a Victoria-era girl from Sittingbourne would be doing in some gaudy theatre with a name like Vaudeville Electric…


    • contoveros says:

      I love you, whackjob or not.

      That wasn’t me, who just said that. It was one of those “voices” inside of that Greco-pagan-sombitch.


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