Flowers still brighten up my new ‘home’

A spectacular combination of yellow and purple graced my eyes as I traveled yesterday to America’s first home, the city of brotherly love, in Philadelphia. There on a counter with cups and a large “coffee” pot with hot water for my tea-toddling friends were a bunch of flowers that greeted everyone and spiced up a small corner of the room at the Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia. They were the only flowers anywhere in what was a fresh, near spotlessly clean art studio converted each week for spiritual services.

Boy, did they cheer me up. I was thinking about stopping and getting some myself, remembering the joy I felt the previous week gifting the Buddhist Center with my small offering. The flowers were nicely arranged on what I later found out was what they call an altar,  just like most churches and some temples.

They look good,” I say to the artist, Susan Simmons, whose abode I just entered and immediately noticed her flowers. “Yes,” she said with a big smile. “They held up nicely.”

What? Is this the same  batch I brought last year? (2009, which was just last week, remember?)

I cut them and added fresh water,” Susan said, touching one of the petals.

I saw care and compassion on her face. Or was that something emanating from inside of me? Or maybe both. In any case, I felt welcomed, I felt at home here.

You want to place them?” she asked me, nodding her head in the direction of the altar where a few candles and a large picture of the Dalai Llama rested on what looked like a “mantle.”

You don’t mind?” I asked,  feeling something inside of me saying “go for it, Mike, go for it.” Not at all, she indicated. What happened next lifted me higher than I have felt in years and years.

Please see Part II:

 Flowers offer a heart-felt home-coming


4 comments on “Flowers still brighten up my new ‘home’

  1. viv66 says:

    I bought lillies on Christmas Eve and their fragrance and beauty have filled my house since then. Petals drop now and they are fading to the end, but still beauty there.
    Flowers are the best and simplest way to make a place home.


  2. kim says:

    Oh–This was so beautiful. I could picture their beauty.


  3. sparrow says:

    _()_ Namaste

    Very Nice!


  4. One feels the love coming through your retelling the story of an invitation to place the flowers on the altar. People, animals and plants all respond to love by thriving. Thank you Michael.


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