Bodhisattva (Compassion) Practices – 2


The mind of attachment wavers like water. The mind of hatred for enemies burns like fire. The mind of ignorance which forgets what to adopt and what to discard is greatly obscured. Abandoning one’s homeland is the Bodhisattvas’ practice.

Modern Translation:

The Circumstances Most Conducive for Taking Advantage of a Precious Human Life


 A bodhisattva’s practice is to leave our homelands,
Where attachment to the side of friends tosses us like water;
Anger toward the side of enemies burns us like fire;
And naivety so that we forget what’s to be adopted and abandoned
   cloaks us in darkness. 

— translated by Alexander Berzin, March 2006.

For original post, see Thirty-seven steps will stop your suffering

 (Bodhisattva  — In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone…)

The Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices

    Practice – 1                                                                     Practice – 3

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