Last minute reprieve delays eye execution

I felt the governor had called in a reprieve at the 11th hour, minutes before my scheduled “execution” was to take place Monday.

I walked out of the eye clinic a paroled man, only to be reminded that the day of reckoning could be as early as Wednesday if liquid near my detached retina does not dissipate, and I would once again face “frying” at the hands of the Laser.

Hard to describe the relief. I had prepared the night before, as well as six straight hours this morning anticipating the worse, facing the laser operation at Scheie Eye Institute — University of Pennsylvania, Department of Ophthalmology. Could not sleep well; got up at 4:30 a.m. and wrote some posts, trying to kill time. Not permitted to eat or drink, and my mind kept sending me visions of scrambled eggs and home fries, not to mention the cool refreshing taste of orange juice.

Finished writing by 7:30, meditated off and on until 9:30 then did chores around the house, fed the outdoor animals, then shaved and showered stumbling zombie-like through the normal activities until driving into Philadelphia for my noon appointment with the surgeon.

Got my eyes diluted by Dr. Ali Zaidi, MD,  and waited 10, 20 and 30 minutes more for a chief surgeon, Dr. Daniel Will, to appear and lead me to the operating table. Restless. Tried to meditate and was unable to fully engage once, twice, three times. Watched others who came into the hospital after me only to rise from their chairs as their names were called and were ushered into that area “beyond,” where eye doctors work their magic to restore sight.

See Part II for Conclusion

Run away & you live to fight another day

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