Eye still on the 30-day writing finish line

Surgery completed on eye yesterday. Have to return today for exam. Drowsy.
Have had to urinate constantly. May have to cancel afternoon meeting to learn how to be “calm” and find “peace.” It’s a free workshop, and if you know anything about me, you’d  know I can’t stand to pass up anything that’s free.
It’s a mix of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and I believe, therapeutic counseling with a psychologist and a “healer.” (See story at: “Soma” practice sensually shakes me up)
Unable to sleep more than 30 to 40 minutes at a stretch during the course of the night last night. Feel refreshed now after taking a shower. Told not to shower cause it could get the cloth bandage wet. Hell, I took off the patch, bathed, then put the bandage back on. Trimmed the tape a little to make it more fashionable. I Placed over the white patch a cool looking black pirate’s patch I got for $1.99 at CVS. Look, it’s my face that the bandage is drawing attention to. Might as well make it a little more presentable. 
 A nice doctor I met showed me a book she wrote, and I called up my blog on her computer. She read some, and then said I should write a screen play or a book and, now get this, “let George Clooney play” me.
I ain’t lying! 
One of the nurses I met while “prepping me” for the detached retina operation told me she meditates. Has for more than 20 years. First a Buddhist, now a Hindu. From New Jersey, if you can believe it.
I know, stop with the Jersey jokes. I love the place, having spent many a summer in Mays Landing, NJ, visiting my mother’s side of the family. Later, in attempts to organize the New Jersey Press, the daily newspaper. Visited many a casino while working for the Newspaper Guild of Philadelphia in an unsuccessful attempt to unionize the reporters and copy editors. Never once gambled, and that’s the truth.
Won’t be able to edit this much. so I offer my apologies ahead of time. I’m still on target for writing at least one post each day for a 30-day period, starting last year, Dec. 27, 2009. Got what, three or four more days? It’s the best way I know of forcing one Self to write “something” everyday, and “feel” for some sort of inspiration in the daily goings on. Or is that “going ons?”
Well, what do you know? I just got through writing this, an activity of about 20 minutes (without editing), and I have not had any urge to pee. I officially declare my eye operation a success. Tell that to the old jokester, I. P. Daily.
PS  . . . Finished editing and remained seated with no “urgings.” What a relief!

5 comments on “Eye still on the 30-day writing finish line

  1. […] (Editor’s note: Surgery put off ’til Monday, 1-22-10, at 6 am, six days later. See Eye still on the 30-day writing finish line) […]


  2. sparrow says:

    Michael glad to hear the surgery was finished yesterday. . .and may your healing be complete. . .

    I was reading more of your blog this week and thought that your life is such inspiration and it would be really neat if you would write a book. . .Now with the current wars your healing and experience is one that could be a touchstone for healing for many Vets. . .and George Clooney? Maybe Tom Hanks?


    • contoveros says:

      Recuperating. could sleep for no more than 40 minutes at a stretch the first night. Little better the second night, but slugish and unfocused the past two days.

      Am finally coming out of it. Can’t wait to get my mojo going again. Aprreciated the love you sent my way.

      michael j


  3. Katharine says:

    May your healing and recovery be swift!


    • contoveros says:

      It’s coming along well. Just finished my first glass of red “recuperation” wine. Soon, I work my way back to finishing off two glasses in one sitting.

      You know the kid’ll be back in shape when he can toss two of ’em down.

      michael j


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