Modern Conclusion Bodhisattva Practices

Below are two versions of the “conclusion” for Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices, starting with the modern first:


Having followed the words of the hallowed beings
And the meaning of what has been declared
   in the sutras, tantras, and treatises,
I have arranged (these) practices of bodhisattvas, thirty and seven,
For the purposes of those who wish to train in the bodhisattva path.

Because my intelligence is feeble and my education meager,
They may not be in poetic meter that would please the erudite.
But, because I’ve relied on the sutras
   and the words of the hallowed ones,
I think that (these) bodhisattva practices are not deceived.

Nevertheless, since it is difficult for someone dull-witted like myself
To fathom the depth of the great waves of bodhisattva behavior,
I request the hallowed ones to be patient with my mass of faults,
Such as contradictions, lack of connection, and the likes.

By the constructive force coming from this, may all wandering beings,
Through supreme deepest and conventional bodhichittas,
Become equals to the Guardian Avalokiteshvara,
Who never abides in the extremes of compulsive samsaric existence
    or nirvanic complacency.

This has been composed in Rinchen cave in Ngulchu by the disciplined monk Togmey, a teacher of scripture and logic, for the sake of his own and others’ benefit.

– The Berzin Archives Thirty-seven Bodhisattva Practices

The following is the original “conclusion” of “Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices“:

Following the speech of the Sublime Ones on the meaning of the sutras and their commentaries, I have written the Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices for those who wish to train on the Bodhisattvas’ path.

Due to me inferior intellect and poor learning, this is not poetry that will please scholars, yet as I have relied upon the sutras and the speech of the Sublime Ones, I think the Bodhisattva Practices are not mistaken.

However, because it is difficult for one of inferior intellect like myself to fathom the depth of the great deeds of Bodhisattvas, I beseech the Sublime Ones to forbear my errors such as contradictions and incoherent reasoning.

By virtue arising from this, may all sentient beings become, through excellent conventional and ultimate bodhicitta, like the protector Chenrezig who does not abide in the extremes of existence or peace.

This was written for the benefit of himself and others by the monk Thogme, an exponent of scripture and reasoning, in a cave in Ngulchu Rinchen.

– “Grateful thanks are due to Ari Kiev for the original translation and to many others for editorial, graphic and printing sponsorship assistance. May all beings benefit!” — Garchen Rinpoche


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