Words to live by, not to state them by


“. . . Grow Spiritually and Help Others to Do So . . .

It’s the Meaning of Life . . .”

— Leo Tolstoy



I can’t think of a better way to live, except to follow this suggestion. I wonder if the author tried to explain that in his book “War & Peace,” but ran out of words to say it?
Maybe it’s something that should not be said at all, but simply “lived.”
Live spiritually and help others live the same. Now that’s a comforting sip of tea. Don’t mind if I take another cupful. 

4 comments on “Words to live by, not to state them by

  1. Snædís says:

    Yes michael j… and it all is spiritual, no? From the cup of tea to the PTSD…

    By being the example, by dealing with it all to the best of your ability, by embracing it, by your wonderful ability and willingness to expand and to grow, you my friend are doing the most wonderful work aiding us to grow spiritually.

    Thank you for being the new standard.



    • contoveros says:

      Miss you.

      Never met you.

      Yet, dreampt of you.

      Spent the night with you.

      It’s tomorrow — I still love. You.


      Sarah? Sarah Palin? Oh, this is my Snædís!

      Excuse me, got the wrong number. Sarah Palin, that is, not for the lovable Snædís.

      I don’t know whose lips I dreampt I was kissing, but wow! What a dream. Never want to wake up until I open my eyes in Iceland.

      michael j,
      in a playful mood


      • Snædís says:

        mpfff heheheh

        Just discovered this message. Gave me the giggles… You nutty nut you .-)

        Hope you are having the best of times in your retreat, and are dreaming sweetly!

        Big Love


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