Governor destroyed in the dark of a dream

A judge destroyed the governor, while I survived an explosion before winning a civil rights case in court. All in a dream. 

The governor somehow imposed a penalty on a person for a moving violation. Ordered the person to jail. The defendant remained out on bail, but, the sentencing date had arrived, and he faced a stiff prison term — all because of a moving violation.

[In real life, I had just gotten ticketed for speeding — doing 54 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. Felt like I had run over someone’s grandmother when the cop nailed me as part of a speed trap in Norristown, PA. Tried to get to another motorist’s cell phone to call to explain I’d be late for a doctor’s appointment, but the cop ordered me to get back into my car. I kept talking and failed to respond to his demand for quick action and he pushed me ever so slightly, and I complied, got back in the car, immediately demanding to speak to his supervisor, who appeared out of no where saying he witnessed the episode and that I had never gotten the young police officer’s “permission” to get out of the car in the first place. I shut up, took the ticket — and the push — as humbly as I could.)

I became a lawyer in the dream and had gone to the governor’s mansion for some unknown purpose. While there, I felt an impending “doom.” I moved away from windows, and urged the governor’s assistant to stay away from doorways.

Somehow, a person who was to become a judge, was able to get several friends to infiltrate the house and cause the dream to move to a train box car where I found myself with the governor’s assistant and others. We were trapped. Never saw the governor. I tried to escape through a rear window of the train, but was repeatedly shot at by the judge.

I went to a side entrance of the train (car) and broke through some restrains. Jumped to safety just as an explosion destroyed everyone on the train, including the governor.

I next appeared in Court with this judge, who was new to the Bench and dependent on court officers, my self included, in “learning the ropes.” He wanted no “speaking objections” made by attorneys. (For example, instead of simply saying “objection, leading,” a clever lawyer could “explain” the objection to the jury by saying “objection, he’s putting words into his own witness’ mouth– that’s leading.” It’s informative, but many jurists don’t like attorneys “showing off.”

I won the trial after an associate discovered federal law to apply to the case, a farm workers rights’ violation. I walked with the judge outside the court room. He lagged behind for a moment and then booted me in the butt. I wanted to do the same to him, but could not, but felt I could get back at him, the judge, through my writing.

All of this appeared in a movie, a picture show playing in a theatre that I drove past in the remaining part of the dream. I felt there was a happy ending.

After relating this dream to my Sufi teacher, she said I was fortunate to be able to “destroy” a part of myself, and that I was fighting too many rules I had set for myself. In addition, Aishah told me to “let in the darkness.”

I took it to mean that I am to write — and live — without fear of the dark overcoming the light. The Light would prevail.

One comment on “Governor destroyed in the dark of a dream

  1. Sunryō says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one having vivid dreams of late!

    Sorry to hear about your ticket and the rudeness of the officer involved.



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