Miracle copies manifest at Philly VA Center

Does the Universe conspire to create minor miracles on a given day? Yes. But only if you believe in modern-day miracles.

I experienced several on February 16, 2010, with the last manifesting over a two-day period in the history of miracles for Contoveros. (For the series, see Rooster helps open path to miraculous day)

I printed two journals of daily recollections from a 6-month period of the Contoveros lifetime. One consisted of more than 30 articles involving PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which I provided the Veterans’ Administration to show on-going trauma caused by war.

The other was the 300 stories I “posted” over a 180-day period, dating back to September, 2009, under the Blog, “Contoveros,” roughly translated as “Singer of Truth.” Why consider it miraculous? Because I had no idea how I was going to make copies in time for a 30-day VA-imposed deadline after our computer printer broke, and I was hesitant to transfer the personal contents of my blog onto a computer at such a public place as Kinko’s.

That’s when the copy answer came to me. I’d ask one section of the VA — “Rehab” — to make copies to give to another section — “Compensation Review.” And, if you know anything about such bureaucracy, you’d know how much a miracle accomplishing such a  task could be.

PTSD occupied my mind at least five times a month over a six-month period. It’s with me everyday, but more than once a week, I found myself so “bedeviled” by the disorder, that I felt the need to write about it. Wrote about a detached retina 10 times over a two-month period. That’s the same average for PTSD. Felt a similar trauma with the eye injury: loss of control, an unknown future for vision, and a daily impairment.

But, here I was able to produce my papers, individually printed from a top-of-the-line copy machine at the VA’s Independent Living Assistance Center in Philadelphia, PA in the good ‘ole USA. 

Got permission to make copies via Marisa, a *Bodhisattva counselor, the second I met at the VA facility. She had me take part in a program for veterans to end any isolation that so many with PTSD self-impose. The VA provided me with a lap-top computer and encouraged me to mingle outside the house. I ended up writing 150,000 words to people around the world, making contact in more than 50 countries and dozens of close Internet bloggers who have become more like family members than any old-fashioned “pen pal” could ever be. Heck, I spoke to and saw one blogger over Skype in Scotland. Joked with a fellow in Ukraine, and was invited to stay at another person’s home in India, where I plan to go due in large part to my blogging journey.

Made the deadline for providing the VA information for a rate increase!

Also, got almost two reams of pages I wrote, and which are now compiled. The sheets are as thick as two medium-size telephone books. I figure they’ll make some future researcher happy. May even influence someone to remember Contoveros should he witness any other miracles in this life.

Or his next one.

(*Bodhisattva — Buddhist term for one serving with compassion)
For first VA Bodhisattva, see Trappist monk helps veteran ‘awaken’ me

One comment on “Miracle copies manifest at Philly VA Center

  1. Phil says:

    Miracles do happen.




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