Out for Jury Duty; Please leave a message

Jury duty calls me to serve today. Don’t think many attorneys would want to pick a guy like me. I’m biased and would vote my conscience no matter which side claims they hold the truth and nothing but the truth “so help me God.”

3 comments on “Out for Jury Duty; Please leave a message

  1. Viv says:

    I was once called up for jury service; but it coincided with my finals for uni so they let me off the hook. I’d quite enjoy it now!


  2. tobeme says:

    Enjoy the process. I am sure you will meet some interesting people and hear some good stories along the way.


  3. saradode says:

    Yeah–I have a feeling that you’ll be out of there pretty quickly (to your credit!). I always kind of liked jury duty, at least in NYC. You’ll have lots of time to sit and meditate, and the people are always interesting.

    Enjoy (or something)!



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