Go Within & Awaken the Meaning of Life

I found the Meaning of Life while meditating with a group at the Resiliency Center in Ambler, PA this morning.

Felt like I was in a cave, where 10 of us, seven women and three men, sat cross-legged before a fire. We had just “offered” prayers to a Spirit — a Being — high above us, and I was about to leave the security of the clan when I spoke aloud, breaking the silence.

Eyes still closed, I began to tell the group what I had learned.

The secret was at the tip of my tongue. My mind had just watched myself soar above the Earth, the Cosmos, and gently glide into a place where not one of my questions went unanswered and it filled me with such joy to finally obtain such wisdom. This “knowledge” was as plain as the nose on my face, and I laughed at  the irony.  Men and women throughout history had searched the world spending time and money, hoping to enrich all humanity by locating the answer. All they had to do was look  into one place to realize what I had been given so freely.

But the Word I had gleaned, the news of our life’s reason was too much, too encompassing for my small brain and limited senses to comprehend for more than a moment. I couldn’t speak. My connection to the Source started to break up, become brittle and cold, almost frozen, as I felt a physical chill at the top of my nasal passage in the area where I merged with a “pipeline” extending from beneath me to the top of my head and beyond. The pain became more acute. Involuntarily, I turned down the volume and amount of energy and light flowing from me through the line.

Finding Meaning on our Journey

I felt warmer, more comfortable returning to a “plane” inside where I had visited before. I allowed the warmth to cover me, to blanket the chill and bring me back to a more “normal” state of meditation.

And then I realized what happened. In breaking the connection to the Spirit, I lost the Meaning of Life.

I could no longer verbalize what mystery I had solved, what answers were provided me.

But it did not matter!

I know I can always return — through meditation — and try to “find” it. You can too.

Listen . . . The Meaning is “within” you. Within all of us. All you have to do is seek it with a sincere heart and the purest of motives. The Meaning is “in” your search. It’s in plain sight to all of us who learn how to look not with our normal vision using our two eyes, but the inner eye, the one we learn to focus through concentration and/or meditation.

You’ll see. Just close your eyes. Open the lens aperture inside. Focus. And follow the Breath until . . .


There. You see!

Now, do it again, until you need no more to search for answers.

16 comments on “Go Within & Awaken the Meaning of Life

  1. Lisa R. Tegler says:

    Micheal J~~~~ As Always love your posts…. Need to hang with you.. Maybe now is a good time.. Casted and crutched up with a broken foot for 6 weeks. I walked on it broken for 3 months.. Only me.. Want to chat ..want o share… why does this get put off.. Lol The unverse thinks we might be tooooo much for each other…. LOve to be able to access this site from your FB.. keep a post there.. Alot of people woodl hit up your stuff….. Cofffffffffeeeeee come to Collegevile. Got 3 kids and a broken foot.. Blend Coffees shoppe is good on Main Street.


    • contoveros says:


      Want me to apply the techniques of Reflexology we learned on your broken foot, huh?

      I’m a little rusty. Haven’t done it with anyone since hooking up with this young blond girl I met at school.

      But, for you I will give it a try.

      Sorry to hear about the foot. Wish I knew more about Face Book to put some of this stuff out there, but I have trouble keeping on top of WordPress.

      We gotta get together. Let’s makes plans for next week at Blend Coffees Shope on Main Street for any morning except Tuesday, my meditation day in Ambler.

      Missed you.

      michael j


  2. Mary Jo says:

    From one MJ to another MJ…..Kindred spirits


  3. Mary Jo says:


    Your meditation experience 1s beautifully shared.
    Seeing and feeling with an open heart will keep
    you on the best path for you.



  4. Helen T says:

    Hi Michael,
    I was reading your story and felt like I experienced the same meditation. Thank you very much. I pay a lot of attention to words I say but there are some sensations which impossible to explain with words. I just feel. When I try to turn my feelings and sensations into words, they become much more poor.



    • contoveros says:

      Not this time. You came through loud and clear. Like the 1812 Overture . . .

      Meditation experiences, sometimes, can not be put into words. They are indiscribable and have to be taken on belief.

      I Believe You.

      And, I feel a glow of warmth spread over me as I sense love and compassion going out to you, and coming back to me from you.


      michael j


  5. saradode says:

    I’ve come to believe that, when words fail, we’re on the right track! This is wonderful, Michael–especially because you know that it’s still there, and it’s always there, and because you want to help others see it too.



  6. JOY says:

    Wonderful – there are experiences that no words can capture and the only way to experience it and know it, is indeed, to experience it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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