Connect to ‘Mother’ for Enlightenment

I saw the “observer” of my thoughts the other day. 

Watched from within. Saw “me” facilitating and acting on all the senses. “I” nudged away a thought, then focused on the feeling of breath at the top of my nasal passage. Tasted the slight chemical taint of eye drops I had placed in my left eye minutes earlier. And, I listened to the soft sounds of a budgie chirping in the distance. 

Never tried this before, and it was strange, to say the least. My “consciousness” focused on what the “I” was doing at a precise moment, recognizing each contact with a different sense, even the sense of sight as I marvelled at the darkness that developed when the eye lids shut. It’s not a complete dead of night darkness, but almost a dark gray. At least, that’s what I saw with my inner vision which probably needs corrective lenses. 

I noticed calm. And a sense of purpose. I was asking the age-old question, “Who Am I?” and for once in my life, getting an answer. 

I am not the one taking in the five senses, passing the “information” from one source to another and finally reaching some brain neuron “trained” to recognize and categorize some “thing” to give it “meaning.” The consciousness behind that first recognizer is who I am, who I have always been and, hopefully will continue to be in a far distant future when “it” separates from this body. 

Whoa! Heavy stuff! Hit me with another tab of acid, Timothy Leary. 

Light extending to the Cosmos

The “consciousness” is more me than all the five senses combined. 

And, I got a look at where it came from. I “saw” the Source while meditating. I “intended” my consciousness to visualize a Form of Love and God-like Compassion above my head, just around the area of the “ crown chakra.” Tibetan Buddhists teach a form of visualization that I am only now beginning to appreciate. 

This “Goodness” flowed within me. I felt a direct line from my root chakra all the way to the top extending a “pipeline” above me and toward the ceiling. 

It was a joy to watch this Love gush through the line, breaking through the rooftop, climbing above the trees and birds flying by, reaching all the way to the clouds and beyond. 

A darkness formed for a while. Time felt different. And then a large glow of bright light struck me, struck my line as it made its way above and beyond that light, which I interpreted to be the sun in our solar system. 

I “felt” a blue darkness surround my Goodness and sensed another Consciousness. God? Don’t know the name, for certain. But I “knew” somehow that it was both mother and father of billions of sentient beings that were peacefully waiting and waving in this “outer space.” 

Amoebas. They were amoebas that were awaiting a chance to populate some new world,  or a new body. They were to provide the “consciousness” of the “new-born” not only here on Earth but in every galaxy through our known and unknown universe. 

Each amoeba has an equal chance to “develop” and grow, I realized, even to “evolve” so long as it “recalls” its connection with the Great Consciousness, or what I like to call, the “Mother Thought.” 

Once it reconnected through meditation, prayer or some other spiritual means, it could find its true purpose and live a more enlightened existence. 

And, I’ve tried to connect ever since. For more, please stay tuned to this frequency.

8 comments on “Connect to ‘Mother’ for Enlightenment

  1. insideoutdasg says:


    Back to the energy talk… More than the Art Therapy, more than the Massage… I am loving the energy work… Reiki.

    (I finally just figured out how this “thread” works!)

    I’m curious what you think about my current posting… My experience with past life regression? So crazy… I’m still swimming in the experience. Have you ever been regressed?

    Diane at


    • Diane,

      Got “regressed” about a year ago and saw myself fall prey to a similar death, mine by point of a sword. I might have been defending the manor of a Middle Ages town. Cut in the gut where I too now suffer stomach problems.

      Details, I beleive however, may be more appropriate at your site.


      michael j


  2. tobeme says:

    Turn off and tune in, is that how it went? Thank-you for sharing this wonderful observation.


    • contoveros says:

      The “pleasure” has been all mine.

      Really. Feels good to “take off” every now and then. Better still when I can make a connection.

      michael j


  3. insideoutdasg says:

    You have described so eloquently, it seems to me, as what I have come to know as Reiki energy. Becoming attuned to this energy; channelling, directing, boosting, the flow of it in myself and my clients has changed my world. Mother Thought… hmmmm… rings with a profound knowing. For me Reiki connects with “your” Mother Thought… brings me back to my beginning.
    Thank you for your thoughts! Diane at


    • contoveros says:


      The Energy is real. It has helped to change me and I feel much joy hearing others have come to know this Life Force.

      Don’t you wish everyone could understand it?
      And, aren’t we, in small ways, trying to share it with others?


  4. […] post by contoveros var addthis_language = 'en'; Filed under 182946 ← ΚΟΛΠΟΣ ΤΟΥ […]


    • contoveros says:

      Thanks to the author of the Greek blog, Γονείς σε Δράση, this story on meditation is now appearing in a Greek journal involving educators and parents in Greece. I have to use the WordPress Translator to read it.

      Am proud to see a connection from one consciousness about one Divine Mother to another.

      michael j


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