To Whom It May Concern

Potential Employer,                                              6-21-2010
A person could not go wrong in hiring Nataly for a job. She’d bring an “old world” spirit to the task and put all of herself in accomplishing the service no matter what the field, no matter what the subject.
I’m biased. You see, I’ve known her and her husband as well as “Little Nicholas” for seven years, and I’ve seen her work in her kitchen and provide a tender loving warmth to my son who needed as much motherly care he could get because of his adoption. (He’s 18 now, and beamed with happiness this morning when I gave him waffles Nataly made from scratch using eggs from hens raised in the back yard of her suburban home. Nataly is that way. Special and committed.
She lived under Communist rule nearly half of her life, and I can tell you first hand that  people who come to America and become citizens appreciate our country and work to uphold its ideals more than most of us born here who too often take for granted our freedoms. My father came from Greece when he was 15. He instilled in me a work ethic that only someone who has seen other parts of the world could project. Nataly has that same drive and dedication no matter how majestic or mundane the goal you might set for her to accomplish. She’d treat them the same, with attention to detail and with, dare I say, love.
Just like the challenges she’s met and overcome all of her life. Bravely, with a smile that could make the devil think of changing sides just to work along side of her.
Please contact me at 
contoveros@gmail if you have any questions.
I am glad and happy she asked me to recommend her.
Michael J Contos, Esq.

4 comments on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. souldipper says:

    Intuition, Michael. 🙂 – Amy


  2. souldipper says:

    Am I too late to sign up for being ‘nannied’? – Amy


    • contoveros says:

      We — all of us — are never too old to receive the loving care that only a mother can bring. Whether it was your real mother or the one you conjure up when you think of the loving kindness given to you by those who loved you unconditionally.

      How did you know that Nataly is applying for a job to work with pre-school through second and third grade children? It’s kinda like a nanny.


      michael j


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