Renewal can come once a month in Life

Once a month, you deserve to die.”  

Bizarre! Is this a curse? Or a wish for good fortune?

Not sure where this came from. Was meditating on the subject of stillness,” and tracing my awareness of the world around and inside, when these words “arose.”  

Focusing on the words, I heard a door closing somewhere, and felt coolness as the room air conditioner “kicked in” breaking what was a pure silence in my living room where I sat in deep meditation.  

I often get inspired this way, letting things come up from some primordial spot within me. Some connection I believe we all have to an inner self that surfaces only through a dream state or that “waking” state where we  seek communion with a Source I can’t really name.  

Right before the words manifested, I had an image of birds providing food for the entire world. Humans and all types of animals ate for nourishment. The birds knew this was a part of their purpose. That is, to be the prey in our universe. And to accept the fact that some of their species will not die from old age, but to serve, perhaps, a “higher” purpose in their “being.”  

Believe in renewal once a month

We too will die. We all know it. Will we have served a higher purpose or simply fade with aging into a “nothingness?” And what could our purpose be, if, of course, there is no cannibalism or “Soylent_Green” in our future where “we” could be distributed upon death?  

Our chemical forms will offer something to the Earth at some point in the far future. But, I think this thought of death “invaded” my psyche for some other reason. “Once a month, you deserve to die,” could mean a spiritual death. It could lead to a renewal, should we choose, to perhaps becoming “born again” in a spiritual sense, whether it be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or a New Age practitioner.   

Maybe, we’re given a chance each month to perish metaphysically, only to arise from ashes purified and cleansed from past sins or transgressions, forgiven and made pure from that moment on, should we believe it.  

A new you. A new me. A new world could be waiting for us should we but acknowledge we are in this universe together like a flock of birds who realize their purpose and honor those who fall prey to what might seem early, untimely death so that others might continue their species, their family of birds.  

Once a month, I can start anew.  

To view everything from a perspective grounded in love and compassion. For every one. Including my self.  

Not a bad idea. Try meditating on it a while. Once a month.

4 comments on “Renewal can come once a month in Life

  1. Helen T says:

    I like your idea to die once a month. Sometimes I feel like a barge hauler who pulls too heavy load of past emotions and events.


    • contoveros says:

      Helen T,

      Make the excess from the barge an offering to Whomever or Whatever you hold sacred. I seem to recall while in Catholic grade school the nuns suggested we look “heavenward” and “offer it up” it to Jesus.

      Today, my spiritual teacher tells me I can “offer it up” to the Buddha. Methinks the “letting go” is what really counts and not the end receiver.

      michael j


  2. Eric says:

    It is said that Tibetan monks who do ‘dream yoga’ practice ‘dying’ every night.


    • contoveros says:

      These sites are chocolate to my taste . . . I want to devour both at one sitting, but finished one,and saved the second helping for another day.

      Incredible insights in the articles. For instance, treat all attachments, everything you come into contact with during the day as if it were part of a dream. The cup of coffee is a dream, so is your dream car, your dream ride to work, that boss of yours is only a dream and so are any and all worries and concerns that crop up.

      By viewing ’em as a dream, they lose power over you and you can detach the false importance you attach to them.

      Thanks Eric. Look forward to these treats!

      michael j


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