To Helen of T, whose Heart Just Loves

I know of what you speak, about your ache.

I close my eyes and I feel the longing, the yearning that can not be quenched no matter what liquid I try to fill myself with. It’s just a substitute, a “pretender” that does little if anything to cool the fire, the pulsating magma that enflames a wound that seems never to heal in a million years.

My Beloved! Return to me and make me the happiest being ever incarnated on this Earth. Oh, to look into those eyes, your eyes glancing at my face, feeling the warmth of your smile, a smile that sparkles and lights up my life.

Let me touch you once more. Smell your fragrance. Rich. Uniquely you. So gentle with me, with my tender feelings, my need to be in your presence at all times.

You understand me more than I ever could. You know me from deep within my soul, my very psyche. You are me. You possess me. You love me.

Say it. Say it one more time and I can accept anything Life has to offer. Even death.

My Love. My Dear. My Life.

5 comments on “To Helen of T, whose Heart Just Loves

  1. Snædís says:

    I dream of walking up to such Love, permeating and filling my being from the Source within….

    Beautiful poem michael j.



    • contoveros says:

      Thanks, Snædís.

      Got moved by Helen T’s tears at a post she wrote in a different language (Russian). Wish I could tell you how to find it, but not sure if she’d want to release its connection over the ‘Net.

      I felt her loss, and rather than simply say it like that, I reached inside to the Love I have — and had, and hope to continue to have — and spoke of “my Beloved.”

      You may know that Love as “your” Beloved, the one whose love is always with you and me, according to Sufism. Great poets, the Sufi. No wonder they’re called “Lovers.”

      mmmmmmmichael j
      “lovin’ it”
      lovin’ my Snædís of Iceland


      • contoveros says:

        Reading your words just now sends a warmth through me.

        “. . .permeating and filling my being from the source within . . .”

        God so loved the world he gave us “Love” to fall in love with . . .


  2. Helen T says:

    Thank you Michael! Beautiful words of Love. I am crying again.


    • contoveros says:

      One Love inspires another love.

      No love can be bad. Even a lost love.

      Give in to love. You never know how much of your self you owe to its life-giving forces.

      Now you got me shedding a tear.

      Ain’t love grand?

      the lover.


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