Hello! What would God do if He was you?

Wouldn’t it be great to make a phone call and ask a receptionist to put you through to the Creator? The next time you got a problem, and you want to do the right thing, dial “G . . . O . . . D”  long distance.

Imagine being placed on hold by someone with an angelic-sounding voice: “One moment please.” And, as you’re trying  to figure out what a “moment” could mean to Someone whose been around “forevermore,” you hear elevator music with  the Carpenters singing, “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

And then, here comes the catch while on the phone. You’re now keyed into God’s frequency. Telepathically, you start to pick up God’s answers to your problem.  All are benevolent. They have to be. We’re talking God, here. No, you’d get no answer on what number to play, or which Mercedes to buy. He’d give you solutions to legitimate concerns and you could bet it would always be what’s best for humanity. And that’s where you might face a  problem.

You see, you’d have to sacrifice sometimes in order to get the best for the “Common Good.” You know that.  Deep inside you really know the answer, and if you were someone as good and as “God-like” as Him, you’d make that choice without batting an eyelash.

You’d “bestow upon others a good that God would have desired, had he actually been called on to make that decision. And it wouldn’t have to involve a life or death situation. None are, really. Unless you’re in combat, or protecting citizens from crimes in places like Philadelphia, New York or downtown Poughkeepsie. (Hey, anything could happen. Who’s to say your’re wrong when God’s on the phone?)

Most of us make small decisions. Should I speed up to make that yellow light about to turn red? Unless you’re trying to get some sick person to a hospital, God might choose to slow down. For the benefit of others on the road as well as your passengers, not to mention your nerves when you’re always trying to stay one step ahead of others. You can help yourself  and others by switching to more healthy habits like slowing down for a change.

Or, like letting a person with only two packages get ahead of you in a supermarket line when you got a cart-full of groceries. How about smiling and saying hello to the lady who cleans your table at the Burger King? Ask her for a name and say “thank you!” Don’t you think a Joyful God would do that?

No matter what the situation, you could determine which way a Benevolent and Compassionate God would go . . . You would never, I’d say never, place your interests above another’s concerns. He’d want you to look out for others. All the time. That’s if you’re sincere in trying to figure out what He would do if He was you. And you were He.

If I were God, the great and magnificent One, I’d probably work by serving others. Wouldn’t need much. Food and shelter. A modest education. Good standing in the community. And a decent wage for me and the family. More importantly, I’d become as spiritual as I wanted to be. Doing good for others would be my purpose in Life. Letting others in on that secret — that you serve yourself while serving others; you receive happiness while giving happiness to others –would be my “calling.”

I’d set an example by living in the moment “every moment,” and treating mundane activities with such joy and vigor that it would become contagious, and the rest of the world would soon follow suit, thereby learning that the Kingdom of God is not out “there somewhere, but closer than you could ever imagine. It’s hidden in the Divine within all of us. And, all you have to do is start making decisions as if God were directing your life. Simply ask the question: What would God do?

10 comments on “Hello! What would God do if He was you?

  1. JhanaJian says:

    A new rendition of “What Would Jesus Do?” license-plate philosophizing. Christian to the core. A bona-fide prescription for creating a mountain of blinded hypocrisy and schizophrenia underneath a beautiful but thin God-like veneer. It’s a high calling you’ve set up for yourself, Michael — another self-sacrificing server of others.

    But while you’re asking yourself, “What would God do?” Let’s not forget that God (for those of us who see God as existence itself) consists of (and/or creates) both the positive and the negative, and that we are also such a blend.


    • contoveros says:

      God does nothing “bad.” It is we with our limited view of reality that see it as less than good. If we but view an event from a different perspective — a historial view of such worldy actions as terrorist attack on good Christian soldiers, or the spiritual growth of our own lives, we might be able to see that.

      By the way. The so-called terrorist I’m speaking about are those that fought the British army during the rebellion of a ragged bunch of colonists in the Americas in 1776 and the years that followed. Ever think the attack on the Hessians was anything but a “sneak attack” George Washington led into Trenton, NJ, during the holiest Christian time of the year. Merry Christmas all you paid German mercenaries!

      And what was your spiritual life some 20, 30 years ago? Any different today? Christ or no Christ. Buddha or no Buddha. Osha or no Osha.

      Gotta love the Creator, no matter what we perceive Him, Her or It to be . . .

      michael j


      • JhanaJian says:

        On a more serious note… If God were me, God would do away with hair. Hair would not be here, thus hair would not grow or shed, forcing us to either run to the beauty shop every 5 weeks and/or be forever picking hair off our clothing. God would likewise do away with fingernails. God would HATE these bothersome ‘growing’ things that require our constant attention. That’s a good starter for what God would do if God were me. God apparently likes hair. I do not.


        • contoveros says:

          God loves you just the way you are, JhanaJian. Sans hair, sans fingernails, sans the beauty shop!

          I love you, too, but lets keep that a single concealment. (You love me, and we must make that a double concealment!)

          michael j


  2. […] Hello! What would God do if He was you? (via Contoveros) Wouldn't it be great to make a phone call and ask a receptionist to put you through to the Creator? The next time you got a problem, and you want to do the right thing, dial "G . . . O . . . D"  long distance. Imagine being placed on hold by someone with an angelic-sounding voice: "One moment please." And, as you're trying  to figure out what a "moment" could mean to Someone whose been around "forevermore," you hear elevator music with  the Carpe … Read More […]


  3. Yes, God would want us to do good/ be helpful to others, etc. Need I quote the golden rule? But if that’s all there is to our existence here, what’s the point? Can’t we do that as well in heaven?
    The reason we exist on Earth is to give us a chance to accept God’s gift of salvation from those horrid sins we can’t stop doing through faith in Christ. Doing good is alright, but we have to have our sin nature destroyed. That’s what God tells us through His “hotline.”

    Matthew 9:12-13 When Jesus heard that, He said to them, “those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous , but sinners to repentance.


    • contoveros says:

      Epic Poet,

      One of the hardest things I’ve been asked to accept recently is the “fact” that man has evil that can be purged with the help of the Creator, thereby providing us a chance to taste Heaven on Earth. But, you gotta turn your back on “all” the so-called evil, and I don’t know who among us could be strong, wise or good enough — perhaps all three — to accomplish that in our life-time. Mother Theresa maybe!

      Thanks for your insight.

      michael j


  4. Helen T says:

    Michael j,
    You make me think as usually. Thanks!


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