Even on bad days, music can lift me higher

The Crossing” filled me with sounds of the Rapture last night as I surrendered to the harmonies some 25 voices offered me on entering Heaven.

I left my physical body and merged with music that only God could have imagined when He “thought” Creation into being.

Why is it that music can seep into my very soul, the essence of me, resonating with all that is Good within, even on my worse days? I connected with the sounds of angels and wanted nothing more out of life but that moment of joyful bliss last night.

Sounds Awake Beauty
The Crossing is a choir that was founded in 2005 by Donald Nally and a group of singers with whom he worked in earlier ensembles in Philadelphia and Italy, according to the group’s newsletter.  Their purpose is to perform new and modern choral music. Its concerts have included works by James MacMillan, Jonathan Dove, Judith Weir, Benjamin C.S. Boyle, Herbert Howells, Bruno Bettinelli, and Gian Carlo Menotti. Its premiere concert was in November, 2005, and two of my HSP friends (Highly Sensitive Persons) have not missed a performance since “discovering” the chamber choir in 2007.
After introducing me to the music last night, I marked my calendar so as not to miss the next gathering in September. This is modern music, folks, inspired by such acts as Eugene Debs speech at his sentencing in the 1920s while being imprisoned for protesting unfair labor conditions only to  receive nearly one million votes running for president of the USA — WHILE IN JAIL!!! 
Last night, we heard a piece that predicted the woes of the Iraq war and how it would affect all people. Solo passages from the Bible were performed by The Crossing in at least 10 different languages, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, German, Danish, Polish, Russian, Ditch, Latin and English. Printed on handouts for concert-goers to read the words along with the singers, I discarded the paper, closed my eyes and felt “uplifted” to another place, another time. Lost track of time, actually, knowing not what day it was or where I was sitting. Had to remind me it was Saturday, July 17th 2010, in a pew of the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.
Other selections included laments for Auschwitz, and how “God was under radical question . . .[but the] . . . space left by Him, on the other hand, was not,” according to the German-Romanian Jewish poet, Paul Celan (1920-1970). One presentation by the chorus of men and women all wearing black, provided no words whatsoever! “The words visually and aurally resemble Latin,” wrote the composer, Thomas Jennefelt (b.1954, Sweden). “. . .[Y]et, these ‘words’ are constructed solely for their sound, achieved by combining unrelated syllables; they ‘mean‘ nothing in the conventional sense of language.” Its meaning, I found, all came out from within, from the “diviner” inside.
Hope to “bathe” in the sounds of  The Crossing” next time they’re resurrected here. Hy heart, however, will have to settle for listening to the sampler CD they offered of their previous music.

8 comments on “Even on bad days, music can lift me higher

  1. Helen T says:

    I am listening to The Crossing and writing this. I feel I am touching to your soul.


    • contoveros says:

      Heavenly music, isn’t it? My soul, your soul. They touch the One soul Kabbalists say was that of Adam’s before it was shattered into 600,000 pieces, and millions of other parts we all became while entering this physical world.

      Music helps merge our souls together. And it can “cross” all language and political barriers. You think that might be one of the reasons why the group calls itself “The Crossing.”

      Thanks, Helen T.

      michael j


  2. souldipper says:

    Oh, Michael…I found their music and am listening: http://www.crossingchoir.com/listen.html

    It is discoveries such as these that make me wonder about living on an island. Imagine being able to polish my ears and go to a live concert with THIS all around!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and giving a rock-bound soul a glimpse of God.

    Love, Amy


    • contoveros says:


      You’ve got a wonderful Soul. I am listening to The Crossing as I write this, thanks to you . . . I’m transported back to Paradise where all is well and as it was meant to be.

      michael j


    • contoveros says:

      See what one soul can do to help another? Your “http://www.crossingchoir.listen link” made it all the way to Russia, where our friend, Helen T., found the Paradise you provided us.

      I think I’ll keep you around me for a little while longer, say another 50 to 60 years!

      Thanks, Amy

      michael j


      • souldipper says:

        That’s a deal, Michael!


        Any time an act of generosity can be supported – then appreciated by another soul…well, count me in!

        – Amy


  3. Eric says:

    We must admit this is the first time we’ve gone to one of these and had so much interaction with other attendees (and even one of the performers). Your ability to connect with people amazes my wife and I. Thanks for coming out. So glad you enjoyed.


    • contoveros says:


      I am happy you invited me and for Emily to show me last month’s “play bill.” Eugene Debs called out to me from his grave.

      I had a great time! Met both a high and low “Sheckle,” and look forward to seeing them again . . .

      michael j


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