Love Streams in All Good Consciousness

How do I explain the feelings that have come “over me?” They’re like ocean waves ebbing and flowing in each breath.        

In and out. To and fro. You & I. Somehow all connected.        

I need but close my eyes. No, I don’t need that. I stare straight ahead and feel the glow within. Staying focused, I see through a lens of “feeling,” glazed over with Peace and Calm. Resting, I let a therapeutic gentleness flow from a fountain of Love and Pure Ecstasy       

Not the frenzied, tear off your clothes and go crazy type, but the slow, easy New Orleans jazz sway to rock you and roll you, lifting you without you knowing you ever been elevated, swept off your feet.        

I am the king of the Universe. My Universe and all is well. All is at rest, like the Sphinx, needing nothing and no one but the air, wind, and sand to keep it company in its long journey through my mind. My vision of Napoleon’s men shooting target practice bullets to destroy what they cannot understand, paving the way for the Taliban to deface and mar one Buddha statue after another, like a child on a tantrum, a rampage against all gods but the one they are so sure demands such unholy action.        

I float. Gently, like a tiny sail boat on a Venice waterway with a gondolier singing like Perry Como, relaxing and softening the weary aches of a worn and torn body that will never see better days. Days when it ran a mile in 6 minutes and 18 seconds of streams of sub-consciousness that Dr. Jung believed sent messages from Above.        

Nonsense? Or a brief glimpse at disorder let loose to help create an order? Eyes close, allowing letters and words to form together. Here is a sentence, there is a sentence. Everywhere a consecutive sentence to a Life with no time-off for Good Behavior.        

And, there you have it. A peek inside the merry Light of Michael J on a day twinkling bright with sunshine and hope for tomorrow. No rhyme. No reason.        

Just a taste of uncorrected, unedited, look at what goes on inside underneath the covers. I like it. It’s more like a love affair I’m having behind your back, so don’t tell anyone who may not understand how much we all need to love and be in love. At least once a day. All day. Every Day.

8 comments on “Love Streams in All Good Consciousness

  1. souldipper says:

    The Beatles said it all:

    “All you need is love; love is all you need.”

    From what I read, they really did know this, too. It wasn’t just words for them, either. Like we are learning, right, Michael J.


    • contoveros says:

      Somebody must have done some scientific research to show that Love permits a certain chemistry to develop in a person that can be “taken in” as a form of osmosis, if you let it take hold. There is nothing that can bring you closer to another as a singing group, a band, that wants to play for the pleasure of the music made together. I enjoyed my singing group at the street corner venue. I felt like an angel singing for a Higher Plane when we created that perfect harmony that was pure and crystal clear.

      We created a sound of Love.

    • The Beatles did it day in and day out with some of the greatest talents of our day. Paul is still producing poetry and melodies, while John’s touch will live long after we have joined him for a Great Musical “Be In” in the Sky.

      Thanks for tickling this out of me.

      michael j
      to Amy

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  • Helen says:

    Michael j,
    It is so important to be in Love.
    A friend of mine and I talked about love yesterday. She said that love includes two sides – positive and negative. Her voice seemed me angry. I asked her to explain me the negative part. She said,’These are suffering and sacrifice’. And something else I don’t remember. I said that I know different love without such feelings and actions. She replied that she studies this subject and knows everything about it. I decided not to continue our conversation.
    She seemed me so unhappy. She lives alone. How can I help her? I don’t know how I can pierce her thick armor.


    • contoveros says:

      Love can become a torment if we can’t get the thing we want and we start to believe we’re somehow entitled to have that elusive something for our fulfillment.

      You can’t force Love. Can’t beat someone to get it, or cheat or kill yourself to “win them over.”

      You really gotta “let go” of Love to “let” Love grow. Otherwise, it can be a sickness with no cure.

      michael j

      Longing, yearning and desiring to always be in the Presence of your Beloved, however, is different. That’s the Sufi way of Love. I can feel it. So can you, I bet.

      It starts by loving your Self. Forgiving your Self.

      michael j


  • Joy says:

    “A peek inside the merry Light of michael j on a day twinkling bright with sunshine and hope for tomorrow.”

    How lovely.

    It’s wonderful that you have such a blissful space to sojourn in.


    • contoveros says:

      And, what a Joy to hear from Joy!

      IKEA, look out. We’re coming with our special blends of tea and open hearts full of awe in the beauty we find in each other. Julie, too!

      Should be enlightening. And fun. Can’t wait to hear about more Spiritualism.

      michael j


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