Healthy disdain for $$$ really not healthy

Could never be a good businessman. Did not love money enough.
Never put wealth at the top of a “to do” list of things to achieve. Oh, I wanted to make a comfortable living and get a nest egg for the future. But, I had no drive to accumulate big bucks.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m materialistic as the next person. I like a nice house, a nice car and vacation spots to visit. But, I’ve always placed a higher premium on other goals: wisdom, knowledge, spiritual growth. Never could attract the flashy kind of girl or woman who looks for signs of wealth. I had nothing to flash in her direction, save a few  jokes tied in with a yearning for something above our selves, our own lives.
Should have seen this coming when I served as an officer in the US Army and was assigned as a payroll master. Got the duty twice, once while stateside at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, and the second time near Cu Chi, Vietnam. Didn’t want anyone to know I knew next to nothing about finances. Hell, I was lucky to squeak through high school and had no college whatsoever, even though I’d pretend I had “some college” when anyone would ask.
And so, I faked it. Faked being a knowledgable finance officer with everybody’s money and a loaded .45 sitting at the side of a table where I dished out the monthly payroll.

I’d pay an entire company, which could run over a hundred people. Would spend a good two to three hours to get through each one, carefully counting the bills. Dollars given out here in the States. Military pay vouchers in Vietnam, which were smaller than the American bills and looked like Monopoly dollars, sans the mustachioed Monopoly guy cleaning up with Park Place and the Boardwalk.
What an ordeal. Needed to wet my fingers toward the end as they would tend to dry out and I’d be unable to slide one bill away from another. I’d ask each person to count it a second time, but I figured most would not and would simply walk away, happy to be able to stuff money in wallets while dreaming of whom to spend that first dollar with or upon.


 I never short changed anyone.
Except myself.
Forty dollars while in the states. Eighty in Vietnam. Never told anyone until now. Didn’t want anyone to know how little I knew, or cared about, money. I’d probably get into more trouble than what it was worth, anyway.

Used to play a game on meeting women for a second date. I’d ask ’em to rank four words in the order of their importance to them. Money, Love, Sex and Power. Could never get over how little I’d have in common with anyone putting “Money” first. Never met anyone placing “Power at the top, but I think I’d find a reason to excuse my self and quickly run from their presence.

It all came down to Sex and Love. And I’m not going to tell you which one I placed on the top. Use your imagination. Where would you place them?

Or is that really none of my business?

7 comments on “Healthy disdain for $$$ really not healthy

  1. Well, I’m about to sully my reputation for sure with this one. I would say the question is the problem. I honestly don’t think there needs to be a ranking and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of these. I agree with Heart: Love and Sex are over-rated. I would add that money and power don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing — and just like Love and Sex, with the wrong person, they become ways of manipulation or can be abused.

    For the record: I prefer to have all four in equal and geniune ways — Too much love and too much sex, don’t put food on the table. Trust me, I know.



    • contoveros says:


      I alwats wanted to believe that “Love Conquers All,” but learned the sage was actually talking about “Divine Love,” and not the one on my list.

      You do need all four in their proper slots working with each other.

      michael j


  2. Heart says:

    Ha ha.. I like your post and also Amy’s comments.. Wink wink.. Soooo, let’s see my list..

    Money is just a number in my Internet bank (here Everbank)..
    Sex is monotonous..
    Love is totally overrated..
    Power is too much of responsibility..
    What does that leave me with..? Gosh, maybe just a computer and my random thoughts..

    Or maybe I take the hint and better start planning for my retirement.. :))


    • contoveros says:

      Methinks you protest too much.

      Actually, I agree with Carmen (see above) that we actually need all of them in the same moderation. Even for an old romantic like myself!

      michael j


      • Heart says:

        He he he.. Maybe you were looking for the word “lazy” to describe me.. 🙂 I agree, I think having everything in appropriate proportions is probably what makes life so interesting!!
        Thanks for all the creative ideas in your posts!!


  3. souldipper says:

    So does this mean that your wife was free to ask you the same question? 🙂


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