For the signs they are a’changing

(From Part I, These are true signs of our Times/)

The greatest protest of our generation is seeking change in all shapes and sizes. You can see it in the signs the demonstrators carry, writing the letters out really big with magic markers so that passersby need not squint to get the messages.

There is not just one message, but many, which all have one thing in common: a belief that our world can do better for all and not  just the few, the ninety-nine percent making $55,000 a year (per family) or less, as opposed to the one percent controlling some 40 percent of the wealth in the United States of America. They don’t want your money, Mr. Entrepreneur, only your attention for a moral and ethical way of life that takes into consideration more than the Almighty dollar.

Here are a few of the signs of our time:

What would you do if you were president?   

Heal America. Bring Them Home. Be Honest. Promote Personal Responsibility. Keep Jobs Here. Learn from Our Mistakes.  Be the Change that You Want to See. Honor Veterans. Living Wage for All. Talk to Our Enemies. End Oil Dependency. Inspire Our Youth. Keep an Open Mind. Value All Families. Think About Our Grandchildren. Champion the Arts. Try Peace. Be the Change that You Want to See. Listen. Take Care of the Elderly. Eliminate Poverty. Restore Human Rights. Build Stronger Bridges. Rebuild New Orleans. Pray. End Corporate Influence. Give Diplomacy a Chance. Include Everyone. Nurture Nature. Make Friends with the World. Support Small Farms. Make College Affordable. Love Our Teachers. Empower Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Things. Promote Transparency. Paint the White House Green. Educate Everyone. Change Government.  Make Levees, Not War! Take Care of the Polar Bears. Stop the Politics of the Past. Stand for Change. Be the Change You Want to See.


For a video from where these signs originated, see

Thanks to Livvy, my friend, for making this available to a mild-mannered rabble-rouser, also known as Contoveros.

5 comments on “For the signs they are a’changing

  1. souldipper says:

    Before I watched the video, I thought that was your platform, Michael J. I was going to vote for you as King of the World! Imagine all that goodness being requested by us ordinary folk!

    We hold the power to make this change!


    • contoveros says:

      I wish I could take the credit as your King, but I must declare it was not I who created these signs, but dozens of others who felt inspired to share their aspirations with the entire world.

      I felt moved to slow down the u-tube presentation and write the message from each person’s sign that appeared on the video. Their’s is a universal message of faith, hope and love.


  2. livvy1234 says:

    I must say, I am weary of living in hypocrisy. I note it well in others, in society. I realize it exists within myself. We are all tired of the outer realm “as it is,” lusting for power and greed.

    I just heard a story today, about a 57 year old woman, who worked 15 years for a company. She was sitting in the office of the financial manager for a car dealer. She has been out of work 5 months. Her company “outsourced” her job to Singapore.

    What on earth is going on in America. Are we being buried by artificial intelligence? Soon, computers will take over. In the last five years, I can see the pace accelerating at warp speed. Soon, humans will be expendable to artificial intelligence. There is no way we can absorb or increase our human intelligence at the rate of the web. Every eighteen months, the web doubles its information. Just think about it.


    • contoveros says:

      Artifical intelligence may replace some work, but it can never destroy the heart and soul of humanity. Only other humans could do that, and we must guard against those who would place profit above all other things, including our universal responsibility to care for each other’s well being.


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