Newt, a big-headed, brain-bloated bully

Newton Le Roy Gingrich is a big-headed, brain-bloated bully who is best understood if you picture what kind of kid he might have been and remember why you disliked him and his sophomoric antics while growing up.

Gingrich has one of the biggest heads ever allotted to a human body. It’s TOO big even for a man weighing a historic 365 pounds. As a kid, he’d never exercise his body, disdaining all sports as beneath him. Truth is, he’s had a disability. He couldn’t stand pain of any sorts, particularly the physical, which one endures to achieve some athletic acumen, or in developing something called character. He’d “wuss out” rather than try to develop under challenges most learn to grow up by quietly overcoming.

The only part of him he ever developed was the brain. He needed to rationalize why kids his age would avoid him as the family moved from one military base to another, and the Gingrich kid never quite fit in. He desperately wanted others to acquiesce to the budding brilliance he believed in building by bullying others beneath him. Nobody would buy into it though. Nobody liked him, especially the kids whose families forced them to play with the new kid whose officer and a gentleman’s father had just moved near a government compound and they’d want them to make nice.

Big-headed, brain-bloated, bullying Newton Le Roy

Kids disliked him because he would tear the wings off a fly to see if it could still fly; they’d see  animals run in fear from the fat-headed boy whose family kept no animals in the  house because of the son’s basement “experiments.” You’d hear stories of some “mad scientist” theory he’d test out, like seeing how long the sun would take to set fire to ants held beneath a magnifying glass the Gingrich kid got in his Erector set for Christmas.

Gingrich stunk. He did not bathe regularly, believing there were more important “brainy” things to occupy his time instead of  hygiene. (Why do you think he denounces with such ease the young, brainy, egg-head types as needing to bathe while protesting Wall Street? He was actually one of them, and protested for one thing, namely, himself.)  No one said anything directly to him about his overpowering “personality,” because no one ever got close enough to him. The few that tried, did so at their own peril. (Ask wife number one and wife number two!) You see, the Gingrich kid was incapable of sustaining a normal friendship. He’d betray any trust a person would place in him when such actions could elevate him in the eyes of those above him: the brainy types he wanted so much to impress.

He had no real friends while growing up. (Talk to people who later served with him in the House of Representatives and you’d understand how this carried over into adult life and a fattening middle age.) He’d scare off people. Some would get frightened by the Frankenstein “It’s Alive” zany ideas. (Think of his latest zinger to employ poor kids in school bathrooms to clean up after the rich ones. The middle classes formed unions to protect society against Scrooge-like Gingrichs who lobbied through the ages for such Dickensian upper class one per-centers.)

He’d attack anyone who might disagree with his ideas, threatening to take them down in a kamikaze blast, or like a woman scorned who would bring down the house like Gingrich did in shutting down the government as Speaker. He’d fight girl-like — like a big, bullying girl used to getting her way or no other way. The Garrulous Grid-locking Gingrich cared nothing for differing views whether they would come from the other side or from associates in his own party.

But, that’s Newton Le Roy. He’s great at “bad-mouthing,” but lacks substance once you realize his shenanigans and you confront him. His bombastic nature will deflate and his self-inflated ego will become as insignificant as his self-serving self. You’ll see him once again as unlikable, and understand why he remains friendless and the only Speaker of the House who was publicly censored and run out of office for violations of ethics to his countrymen.

6 comments on “Newt, a big-headed, brain-bloated bully

  1. Ugghhh, the more I learn of this man, the more I am stunned by his “success” — but you nailed it! WOW! Honestly, how does someone like this “make” it? It stuns me!


    • contoveros says:

      Zany is as Zany does!

      Some people will overlook even the worst faults in a person running for high office, particularly when they’re not crazy about a candidate their Party wants them to endorse. You think Canada would be a better place for us to go if the Gingrich has his way with America next year?


  2. Beechmount says:

    ……He’d attack anyone who might disagree with his ideas, threatening to take them down in a kamikaze blast, or like a woman scorned who would bring down the house like Gingrich did in shutting down the government as Speaker. He’d fight girl-like — like a big, bullying girl used to getting her way or no other way. The Garrulous Grid-locking Gingrich cared nothing for differing views whether they would come from the other side or from associates in his own party…….

    He suffers from an ego the size of a mountain, a narcissists of the extreme kind, who should never be allowed to hold public office or occupy any position of trust or responsibility.

    He may have a “big brain” but it lacks the intelligence needed to be anything other than a common man with eccentric feelings of superiority.



    • contoveros says:

      Feelings of superiority” is exactly what Gingrich excells at while he tries to bamboozle the electorate with intellectual razzle dazzle. Too soon, however, we see he has little or no substance at his core, and he offers nothing more than virulent hot air.

      Historically speaking, that is . . .


  3. Sounds like you know him for real… They can dress him up to try to get him elected, but I’m still going to see a pig who divorced his wife while she was battling cancer….


    • contoveros says:

      Don’t we all know a Newt Gingrich when we see one?

      New voters and older ones with amnesia should learn what type of person many of us see him as: “zany,” as I wrote in this piece of satire. He was the brainy kid that tried to bully others with an intellect that had a mean, twisted streak to it. Never had luck with girls while growing up and never met a wife he wouldn’t cheat on when reaching adulthood and middle age.


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