Reaching Higher In Women’s Company

I love women. I’ll take them in all shapes and sizes, the old and the young, the rich and the poor.

If it wasn’t for women, I — and a lot of guys I know — wouldn’t even be here!

OK, enough with the jokes. I’ve enjoyed the company of women over that of men as long as I can remember. Oh, I played at war with the toy soldiers and plastic guns. I wanted to be a Marine from the “halls of Montezuma;” I wanted to fight at the Alamo. Through it all, I wanted what most boys wanted when they got older, to be a man.

I discovered I could be the man I wanted to be – a soldier, a crusading reporter, a never-say-die union organizer – and still enjoy the gentler, softer side women tend to offer in life. I didn’t have to worry about hiding emotions or being unknowledgeable about fixing a car or an electrical switch or any of the things once considerd “for men only” some guys got drawn to in adolescence.

I could be with women without worrying about my masculinity. I grew up believing one had to fight to show the world that he’s a man; then I learned through actual combat the only person a man needed to ever do battle with while engaging this kind of enemy was the boy inside.

Women allowed me to open up when in a group. You can’t do that sitting in a bar or at a union hall. I liked removing the boundaries women enabled me to erase. Woman freed me from the mundane; they elevated me; got me to think above and beyond yesterday and tomorrow.

There’s more to life than sports, politics and the latest breaking news from some talk-show host. When I seek meaning in life, I want to share what I’ve discovered and I find it easier to talk with someone who won’t view spiritual stuff as meek or somehow unmanly. Hell, I get “down and dirty” when I truly open up, laying out my frailties and stupid ideas for all to see and hear. I wouldn’t want someone to ridicule me, because I might lose patience and forget how virtuous the forbearance of punching out his lights might be.

Could one of the reasons women were created be “to help bring men to some higher consciousness?” Could the feminine nature in not just women, but in all of us, provide the true path to ultimate meaning in life; to show us there’s a higher plane than the one men tend to walk day in and day out? All a guy’s got to do is make friends with the compassionate side within himself. Focus on being kind and considerate as opposed to competitive and winning at any and all costs.

 Show a woman how much of a man you can be by being a little more sensitive, a little more attentive. Wouldn’t it be great for all of us to give a new meaning to the phrase of becoming a “womanizer?”

8 comments on “Reaching Higher In Women’s Company

  1. Samanthamj says:

    Hmmm… you sound like a very good, and smart, and dear friend of mine… I hope some other men read this and take it to heart…
    Thanks. =)


    • contoveros says:

      They won’t know what they’re missing if they continue to use a pair of old glasses. Get them a new prescription where they can see how enriched we all could be in the uplifting company of people like Samanatha Mariah Jane.

      Nice meeting her!


  2. Uh – Michael?

    You do realize that you just made yourself absolutely irresistible to just about every female within reading distance – right?

    You are indeed a brave man.

    *sweet smile*

    On the more serious side?

    If you ever want to explore your nature and your power in a secure environment – within the arms and/or heart of a good woman is the place you want to be.

    Some of us can rip a man apart with our bare hands (or with the lashing of our tongues) – but all of us have the power to keep a man whole as well.

    Be well my friend,



    • contoveros says:

      Words can often fulfill and embrace you in a cocoon of love, enabling you to take on the world with an invicible smile. That’s what M.L. does to a person when one is within her arms and in her heart. It’s great to feel so giddy and perfectly right at the same time.

      What a woman!

      Thank God she’s on our side wanting to make us whole all of the time.


  3. souldipper says:

    It takes a man who is very comfortable with his masculinity who is able to write a post such as this.

    Yes, I want men like you in my life! I want men like you in my government!

    Another man very comfortable in his own skin told me that he attended another holistic conference. Again, it’s being stated that it is the female energy that will bring the planet through the transformation we have begun.

    So put on that womanizing persona and don’t look back! 😀


  4. Viv says:

    Well according to Genesis, God made Eve from a rib taken from Adam, and the rib is something that protects the heart.
    I’m not sure about women being somehow softer or gentler; you’d need to see Newcastle town centre on a Saturday night. But I take your point; we need each other to be whole, both as individuals and as a society.


    • contoveros says:

      ” . . . we need each other to be whole . . . “

      — Even with the hard and tough crowd at Newcastle town centre on a Saturday Ladies night out.


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