I wish all compassion found in meditation

On February 5th, 2012, a friend who calls herself, the Frugal Xpatcommented: “I always wanted to meditate . . .

I didn’t respond to the comment until now but want to share how everyone could enjoy this exercise the frugal expat spoke of in Daily Meditation Desperately Needed. As she describes her life’s quest, she is on “An expat’s journey in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.”


Want to meditate? Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, letting the last exhalation out slowly while focusing on and loosening the tense parts of your body. Concentrate lovingly on your breathing, visualizing the cool air flowing in and out of that part of the nostril located high in the facial cavity. Feel for that spot some call the “Third Eye,” and secure it as if it were an anchor. You will need its “permanancy” as you flow into uncharted waters and the inevitable thoughts start to intrude into your mind again and again.

Gently “nudge” them aside as if the thoughts were nothing more than clouds and you are the wind, the soft current of air that flows in and out of your nostril, the place where you are anchored. Return to that flow of air again and again and again.

Don’t try too hard.

Don’t judge.

Remember this guidance. If you try too hard, you’ll upset the calm and restful state you need to gently flow into. You can’t force it. You must “let” it happen. Surrender. Release all control. Simply “be” in the moment without really trying to “be in the moment.”

Now, don’t judge anything — good or bad — that happens while entering this peaceful state of consciousness. You are practicing “mindfulness.” You are concentrating on your “awareness” of nothing but what exists in this moment of life we call “the present.”

The longer you can stay in “the present,” the more beneficial will be your visit, your rest and relaxation, your invigoration by and from a reality hidden by illusions that are mostly self-created. Not every trip to the meditation pillow will be the same, so don’t judge one against another. Don’t judge yourself against another person, either.  All your efforts are worthwhile. The more you attempt, the easier and deeper you will find yourself “losing” yourself.

“Losing” yourself is a great way to view meditation. Once you reach “empty” you’ll realize it’s a place you can always call home and invite other sentient beings to visit and stay sharing loving kindness and compassion until the end of endless time.

(Image by eso garden.com)

4 comments on “I wish all compassion found in meditation

  1. beebeesworld says:

    Interesting article-thanks for reading my blog-i will continue to enjoy your blog as well. best wishes, beebeesworld


  2. beebeesworld says:

    Ah-ha, there you are-Im enjoying your work-i need to learn to meditate-take a breath, life has not been kind…writing has always been my therapy, and is especially helpful since loosing my son, my health, my mom,so much more. I like your ability to not center your belief in a higher power in one box…


    • contoveros says:

      We can never know why the Creator does certain things, but we can hope and believe that they are for the good, no matter how tragic it feels at the time of our pain and suffering. It is only through reflection and therapeutic writing that I have come to realize this truth.


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