Living ‘mind-less-ly’ in the present moment

I am a shape-shifter. I’ve developed the ability over the past five years to shift from one form to another by simply manipulating my mind to do the bidding of my higher self.

You see, there are two of “me” inside of this shell of a body. There’s the “me” created by my ego, also known as “my mind,” and there’s also the “non-me,” the one that surfaces when the mind is gone. It is this entity, one that is pure consciousness, that takes over when the mind stops all of its thought processes.

The true spirit or energy mass that’s within me is always there, always in the present. I can’t connect to it when that part of “me”is dominant. I fail to be aware of the energy, the spirit’s existence. By halting and stopping my thoughts, however, the consciousness “arises” and takes over. Forms of all shapes and sizes come into focus. A flower, a tree . . . the wind on my face . . . the smell of garlic . . . the softness of a woman’s hand across my brow.

If consciousness did not exist in the present none of these forms would exist either. Think about it! If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Well, we know you have two parts to such an auditory phenomenon. If there is no one to hear sound, then you cannot have sound. If your consciousness is not present then you cannot have . . . well, fill  in the blank.

And, if your consciousness is always being placed on hold by the mind that always wants to think up reasons, excuses and answers to something for the future or from the past, then the forms that exist in front of our eyes, within the earshot of our hearing, the taste of the mouth, the smell of the nose, the touch of a hand, then how can we say they truly exist? Yes, a flower will appear to our senses, but our thoughts will not include its beauty, its texture, its “poetic-ness,” so to speak.

Fear, anxiety and depression can not exist in the present without the support, nay, perhaps the “leading role” played by the mind. Just think. You stop thinking and you stop the worry, the confusion, the lack of wholesome goodness inside of you. Without your mind insisting that you continually think of something, that thing will eventually disappear, diminish, slide off the radar screen. All you need do is place your awareness like a laser beam onto one of your five senses. Focus as if your life depended on it. The life in the present moment does depend on you living in the present, sans thoughts of any kind, sans the emotions that go with the thoughts whether we like them or not. Thoughts trap us, entice us to cling to them, to always be grasping for their contents, their so-called can’t-live-without-them ideas, concepts and a whatnot or two.

So, I shape shift. I will my inner being to focus on my breath, my five senses and to stay fixed there for as long as it takes for the mind to quiet down, come to rest and hibernate. The present opens to me like the flower. I “shape” the moment like the observer shaping reality in a particle/wave shape-shifting  quantum physics laboratory experiment.

Now, I am more in the moment than I had ever been with thoughts of the moment, which, incidentally, never really existed.

You can’t “think” of the moment, the present. You lose it as soon as you call forth the idea. By the time it is “formed,” time has passed you by. The present has long gone. You’re someplace other than that present moment when your mind thought it could pin the present down to the now. Now is gone from the mind’s eye, as soon as the mind starts to eye it through the thought process.

It’s the “thought-less process” you need to be in, and recognize the present. You have to “feel” it, experience it, live it. You’ll love it the more and more you return to it.

Just think about it. Now, stop. Be it. Be in the now right now.

6 comments on “Living ‘mind-less-ly’ in the present moment

  1. Living “mindlessly” is actually living “mindfully.”


  2. Chico says:

    Reblogged this on A Way in the Woods.


  3. The whole article reminds me of Krishnamurti (which does not take anything from it, quite the contrary). Have you ever read him? You probably have.


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