A Call of Love to the Goddess Shekinah

I’ve been away from you less than 4 hours and I can’t stand it. I miss you.

What has come over me? I get so lonely when I’m not with you, and feel such a shallow emptiness. You are so filling, that I don’t really take notice of your presence until the presence is gone. My tank runs out of gas, it voids itself of all energy, and the only thing I have left to get me through is the memory of the two of us together and how we will re-unite tomorrow.

But, tomorrow is so long away. I don’t think I’ll make it through the night after having spent the last three days in the sunshine and in the rain, marching to the beat of our own reality, our own world created with the mingling of our breath, our souls, our mutual loving touches.

Let me rest. That’s all I can do. Rest up and hope the hours go by so swiftly. Think of me when you get a moment. Please keep me in your mind’s eye when you see something that might remind you of our time together and the joy we helped to manifest in each other.

Let these poor, insignificant words of my heartfelt yearning find you happy and content while away from me and remind you of your conquest, your victory, your winning of my heart . . . 

You had my heart the moment you tapped me on the shoulder in the Temple of Love and asked where we could find enlightenment. You my dear, provided the light to shine through my soul’s darkness and to remind me of a life of purpose and meaning by simply being able to love unconditionally once again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

One comment on “A Call of Love to the Goddess Shekinah

  1. Love comes in many forms, including the divine and the earth-bound variety. This reminds me of the Won Buddhist Temple in Glenside, PA, when Melanie first approached you and asked if it was the place for her to learn meditation.

    Do you remember?

    It sure was fun, wasn’t it?

    — a close friend


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