Don’t eat all the hummus, Michael J

To      Michael J
From Melanie K
I had such a nice night. My favorite part was sitting outside talking on the bench. Who knew we would be together in such a situation?
    • the lovely garden beside a Thai Buddhist Temple 
    • the freshness of post-meditation
    • the purity of post-meditation
    • the high of talking dharma with a new friend Luke 
    • surrounded by Bonsai trees
    • the smell of Thai food wafting through the cool night air
    • a golden palace to our left
    • a cherubic monk in yellow robes and his young monk friend humbly taking out the trash 
    • the cute bumblebee girl and her very cool food container 

      Thai Buddhist Temple, Bensalem, PA USA

    • the cute Thai woman and her equally cute apron 
    • a nice young woman by your side who makes for great company!
    • the solace of friendship in the air
    • the promise of a new community of fellow Buddhists; the joy of having somewhere else to call home
    • (for you) the lasting comfort of hugging a nice German woman (too old for meditation?!?! No! Why does she think that?)
    • nature
    • happiness* 
Thanks Mike! Thanks universe!

One comment on “Don’t eat all the hummus, Michael J

  1. The universe had conspired to bring all of this together for you and Contoveros. I overheard the divine one discuss it within the trinity as they assured the planet the purity of post meditation would be with lovers the rest of their days . . . and their nights.

    — a close friend


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