Love notes discovered from a distant past

Him: God, I miss being in love. I guess I could say I miss you.
You helped me to tap into the feelings I usually only got with Shekinah, what the Kabbalah says is the feminine side of the divine. She’ll always be with me, and I see now you simply took her place for a little while here on Earth. Love is still there but only redirected now.

Her: I was just thinking of you, too. You have my loyalty for life, take it or leave it. Good night.


Him: Loyalty? I guess that’s better than nothing. But, those were the days when everything and everyone was beautiful, even if it existed only in the mind.


Her: I was just thinking of the time when we were in the car after the pranic healing session. This was one of my favorite moments. Being in the car, the windows down, a night breeze, the stars, and the incense. Time stopped. It started raining then, and we rushed back to my car which was who knows where. It’s funny how time works. This past week time has moved so fast, and now, finally, it is slowing down. I know which I prefer. But, the best is when it stops entirely in the presence of someone you love. And still love.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Time slows so much among those people. It slows down and slows down, and then you forget of its existence entirely, and….bliss.


Him: It seems like an eternity since the shower sprayed two lovers who wanted no more than to be in the arms of the other right then.
Right now!
Tomorrow comes
Her: Do you need some time away from me? You ran out on me today . . . I thought we would spend some time talking.
Let me know. I don’t know what to do. I want you to be happy.
Him: Wait a minute. You told me you had to go home. I asked you to join me and Paul. 

Damn it. I should have asked you if you wanted to join just me, without him.
I don’t know where we are supposed to be. I wanted so much to see and talk to you, particularly after getting that one message that offered the best hope a dying man could ever look forward to; to live again, to love again, to be with . . .  .the so-far incurable need to be in another’s presence, even for just a few moments to look into her eyes, to see her take a breath and — if you’re lucky — to glide your fingers along her exposed arm and rub it until the world around them both disappears and Nirvana opens all of its love and affection to them. 
I am free to visit and/or entertain company in my abode. It’s a shame to waste such a good opportunity. 
Well, such is life. 
Friday night I hope to return and meditate at the Thai temple.
 I don’t want you to call me unless you have good news to tell  me, like, “I’m free for a few hours, and would love to help out an old friend.” Or something like that. 
Her: I am crunched for time. I have a lot of heavy lifting to do. But I want to respond, albeit briefly.
Bad news: this week I am married to my house.
Good news: Friday night I will be making a visit to Thailand . . .
Him: Thank God for Friday. I hope all goes well!
The End? Or, just another Beginning in the Cycle of Life?

One comment on “Love notes discovered from a distant past

  1. This was the last love note, from what I could tell by reading your posts, Contoveros. I believe, however, that it was not so much an ending but the beginning of another cycle in life.

    — a close friend


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