Meditate first and foremost each day!

What a surprise!

I expected to try to get through the day today without my morning cup of meditation-offering from Deepak & Oprah. I figured the 21-day journey had ended yesterday, August 31st. Yet today, the American holiday called “Labor Day,” they gave us a gift — an extra day. And boy, did I need it.

My extra-special need started out when I decided to skip the meditation, something I had not done in the early morning hours twenty out of the twenty-one sessions. I’m talking 5 a.m., and in some cases even earlier. I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t sleep while knowing the next lesson was as close to me as the lap-top computer right next to where I slept. I looked forward to it . . .

I’d listen to the guided meditation even before brushing my teeth!

Well, today, I had not planned to listen right away. Hell, I had no reason to think there would be another day. It does say “21-Day” in the headline, doesn’t it? I decided to hit the road for the gym to take in a swim, something I try to do three days a week.


There I was driving down the road with nary a care when I realized that I had forgotten my swim trunks and towel. I made a left turn onto the next road and watched as the car behind appear to be going straight. He used no turn signal, and I stopped my car, waiting to pull a U-turn.

Road rage gets to me when I don’t meditate early . . .

The sombitch turned. He nearly struck my car.

I yelled at him calling him a real son-of-a-bitch. “Why didn’t you use your turn signal?” I shouted to him.

He said something in response, which was not very nice. I then cursed him again, not thinking that he outweighed me by a hundred pounds and could probably do a number on my 5-foot, six-inch frame, all 170 pounds soaking wet.

I cursed some more as he drove away to work. I then pulled that U-turn and realized that I no longer wanted to go swimming then. I needed to come back home to meditate.

Which I did, and am so glad for getting back into the routine. The universe can act in some mighty strange ways when it is guiding us to do what we should have done in the first place. I guess the cosmos gets involved with each and every one of us whenever we practice meditation first and foremost in our life.


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