Ithaca Mystical Insights — by Contoveros

An Odyssey begins and ends with a mystical adventure that finally takes you back to the home within. Follow the path to Ithaca for insights!

This is the type of cover I am asking you to design for my latest book, my son. It tells of a mystical journey I embarked upon several months ago, arriving in Ithaca, New York, for a three-day retreat. There, I met a teacher who explained how I could understand my life and its meaning.

  • He spoke no English, yet conveyed to me  the wisdom of the ages.

Provide a cover for this book, Nicholas. And I’ll publish it for the entire New World to see the spirit of ancient Greece come alive once again. Let my muse inspire others to see words and to hear voices of comfort and hope to and for the three times. Ithaca Mystical Insights” is what I will call it. I’ll tell the tale of a seeker lost for some 20 years fighting a war that doesn’t seem to end until he leaves the enemy’s land and re-enter his gates in a different form. Following war, he’ll search for meaning over land and sea trying to return home to Ithaca and the security he believes it will provide. The protagonist doesn’t find his way until discovering answers as so many wanderers do. You’ll read about more battles,more glorious adventures as well as loves surfacing on the open seas. He never loses sight, however, of the main goal — and that is to discover the truth and the meaning of life. Provide me the cover and I will open this book for all to see. The hero promises to shed his armour and never to go back to war, thus insuring all new adventures will take place  only in his my mind.

  • Agape, my young friend. Agape!


(For a look at an excerpt of the book, see

2 comments on “Ithaca Mystical Insights — by Contoveros

  1. Cover done! Hooray . . .


  2. Get inspired, Nick. Cover your dad!


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