All over except the cheering by the winners

The day after tomorrow I will have peace once again among all the entries to my e-mail box.

Yes, the election in these United States will be over, and no one will be sending me mail requesting money, or trying to influence my vote, or both.

All will have voted.

(Well, maybe not all, if you believe that the GOP had been successful in preventing many of the blacks,the ¬†Hispanics and the poor people from getting voter IDs to vote in the first place. They overwhelming vote the Democratic ticket. But like Roger Ailes, the director of Fox News, once said “All’s fair in love and war; and a fair and balanced news report.”)

The polls will have been closed for hours. The winners will all be hoarse from cheering. The losers will turn to the old baseball cliche, “There’s always next year!” And the rest of us non-partisan-types will share a great bid sigh of relief not to see another “paid-for-by” political ad on our television screens.

I ca’t wait.

Now, if I can just get through today and tomorrow without getting a dozen or so “robo” calls, I’ll be a happy camper.

See you on the other side of the Mid=term elections!