State of Our Spiritual Union is Flourishing

The State of Our Spiritual Union is flourishing.

Seeds planted in the 1960s have flowered, and the Age of Aquarius has finally dawned on the world, awakening many of us to a new way of living, a new way of forgiving. The first signs of this new enlightenment began in the 1990s as the Berlin Wall fell, God revealed secrets in the Celestial Prophecy and the mystical Wisdom of Kabbalah was made known to non-Jews and all women, regardless of age or religious backgrounds.

New Age dabblers learned from old age philosophers about the true meaning of life — to know, love and serve God by serving each other.

* * *


We found the divine through our science. Quantum Physics showed that our world is constantly in flux — that it is totally impermanent — yet cooperating every second with each other “individual” part making us all one whole healthy body. We are aware now that consciousness connects everything thing in the universe and is in everything in the  universe.

* * *

It is our duty and our honor now to share that with the rest of humanity. Our goal will be to help them remove the ignorance that nationhood instills in conformity. We will facilitate their awakening to the wisdom they have within. Offer all compassion through the guidance and a big welcome when they too realize that all we need is love. Love is all we ever needed now and forever amen.

Listen to the voice of a mystic. His madness may just resonate with the divine in you!

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