The ‘Wisdom I was Born With” is in you

When I write, I try to tap into the child within. I try to “feel” something that I can share with another, be it humorous, educational or shocking. I have stories to tell from my past that brought me to this point, and I think they may help another to feel what I feel and to take action even if that action is simply to refrain from acting or even thinking.

The child-like essence, I believe, stems from what Psychologist Carl Jung called the “Collective Unconsciousness.”

I call it is the “Wisdom I was Born With” but can only be realized when I quiet myself and allow that cute little sonofabitchen kid to strut his stuff. I love him at that time, warts and all.

I think you will too once you get to know him and yourself a little better.

Just go within. Seek silence and you’ll find me within you. I am you as you are me and we are altogether!

5 comments on “The ‘Wisdom I was Born With” is in you

  1. Dean Whyte says:

    Nice blog you haave

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  2. ‘Takes one to know one’ is a line I often say in reply as well. And that’s the truth.


  3. Reblogged this on The Spirited Soul and commented:
    Your inner child is a collectively cute & wise little sonofabitchen. (:


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