What I believe will enhance my life forever

I believe that all of us are placed on this earth for a purpose, and the aim for us in life is to find out what that purpose is!

We don’t usually seek the answer right away. Most put it off until some calamity forces us to find answers to life’s most important questions. Why am I here? Why am I in this body? Who am I, really?

It is at these moments, perhaps after we get a little wiser, that we accept that life is a journey returning us home to our core beliefs. I believe that I am a child of God who does have the answers, but they are no where “out there” for me find them.

I do know where to look, however.

I must “go within,” and remember what I was taught as a seven-year-old when someone told me what exactly was the purpose of my life.

The purpose of life, the person said to that small smiling child, is to “know, love and serve God.”

How do I know God — or that special force of energy that created the world and sustains it through all eternity? I can simply read the good books. I can meditate. And can I experience moments of mysticism that show me subjectively that I truly can touch the Presence of God.

What about loving? I feel God’s love as if it was that love from a mother for her only child, an unconditional love that will enliven me no matter what I may or may or may do.

Love simply is.

My God simply is.

And I simply am. (Or, should I say, “I is”?)

And how can I serve God? Easy. I can serve the Creator each time I serve another sentient beings. Mostly, by serving humans like you reading this, but also serving the animals and inanimate objects and things. I serve God by serving the environment, by encouraging others to live in connection with the world around us, and to insure that all can one day see their dreams come true.

This is what I believe, and it’s taken me a lifetime to learn this. I’m still learning, and I hope to continue with a “beginners’ mind” the next time you and I share a thought, a conversation or maybe even a glass of red wine.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid. Here’s looking at our core beliefs!

I wrote this after taking part in the 21-day meditation offering by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Their “center thought” was the following:
In today’s meditation, we learn that our beliefs are always in motion, constantly influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Our unconscious beliefs are always affecting us as well. To use the power of belief to our greatest benefit, we need to become self-aware. In doing so, we attune our beliefs to our deepest spiritual aspirations.

2 comments on “What I believe will enhance my life forever

  1. There is a lie in believe – Remember that to include yourself in service, although not meaning selfishness, rather compassion for your own being as much as for other sentient life … Very true that by serving life we serve God


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