Thinking of the best way to speak to you

“Think before You Speak” reads the sign that my new best friend gave me for Christmas. She thought of me when seeing it, she said. She knew how many problems I have had with boundaries. Or, rather, lack of boundaries.

I took it in all good cheer. She meant well. And she was right! I have had problems with blurting things out ever since I was a kid in the classroom and I raised my hand to answer questions posed by one of the nuns in Catholic school.

I was what some of you might call bright, but I didn’t want to show it. So, I jested and phrased things in a way to make a joke, but the type of joke that was not hurtful, but helpful, if you know what I mean.

I’m a spiritual-type of guy, but no holly roller. So, I jest when it comes to what I call a “Higher Truth.” It’s one that we can all share once we surrender our egos and admit we know very little. That is when the wisdom we were born with comes to the surface from deep within and we can share it with others.


. . . Think Michael J, then think again . . .

No, not by shoving it down their throats, but by presenting it in a light that’s most favorable to where they are.

Right now. Not in some hereafter, but right where we write, we study, we eat and we make love.

So, let me think about these ideas before I speak them. And then let me shout out how much I love you like the “Fool Upon the Hill who sees the sun going down” but still feels the warm glow from within.

Thanks for the sign, MaryCatherine.

Thanks for your friendly guidance too . . .

(This grew from a prompt from my writing group!)

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