Reiki dream opens me to be truth-telling

Reiki, the universal life energy,  opened me to one of the most vivid dreams of my life last night. And, as my Reiki teacher once told me, “Write down your dreams . . . There could be a message in store for you.”

I saw myself in a classroom with four or five other “students.” I was a lawyer and the “teacher” was a judge who needed a trial the next day in her courtroom.

My client sat next to me. He was a young kid about 22 or 23, as innocent as April snow. He really liked the judge and was in awe of her.

But we had to pick a jury. I had gotten a video transcript in which a group of audience members listened and reacted to what the young man had said at an earlier proceeding. I believed their reactions told a lot about the kid’s veracity.

Our case was the next to be tried. Yet, there was no assistant district attorney in the room. Try as I might, I couldn’t locate her.

And so I left and walked down the corridor and got on an elevator. It was like no elevator I’ve been on before, except in some dreams when I had worked as a reporter for a daily newspaper.


Recording dreams can offer you answers in hidden messages

Others joined the small area and after the door closed the elevator went down and then shifted to the left where it continue to travel straight on a path outside of the building. It became a trolley or an “elevated” train that big cities have downtown.

I had no idea where it was going and I eventually got off, asking directions from a man who appeared as a conductor. He pointed north to the Number 15 Trolley in North Philadelphia, which was my old home.

But before I could travel there, I had to go through the projects. You know, subsidized housing for poor folks. I entered a city section that had no exit.  Asking for directions to leave, someone told me to find a young woman who I could accompany out.

I went to what appeared to be a Greek restaurant but was a school of sorts where I disrupted a professor’s lecture to a class. The young woman and I left and I learned that she “studied people.” She could tell if a person was in a good or bad mood, happy or sad, and filled with love or filled with fear.

I believed that she could help me with my trial. I hired her to see if my client — and all future witnesses — were telling the truth. It could be a valuable tool in helping them in court and I looked forward to a lovely relationship the two of us would create.

* * *


Healing Power of Reiki Opens All Channels

Hours before the dream, I attended a Reiki introductory course where a young woman laid her hands on my neck and shoulders, an area that absorbs the most stress in my life. Lying face down on a massage table, I felt comforted and whole. When she placed her hands in the center of my back directly across from my heart, tears formed inside and I felt so much love I thought I would burst out crying.

Next, I felt a blazing warmth travel along my lower back and legs as another Reiki practitioner held onto my spine and my legs.

I felt rejuvenated. The healing technique called out to me. I wanted to learn the Level 2 Reiki practice. Then I could join this small group at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill, PA, and contribute to a “Reiki Share” with others.

And I knew that truth-telling would be my forte for the coming year!

3 comments on “Reiki dream opens me to be truth-telling

  1. I’m impressed that your Church has a Reiki share. I also do Energetic Bodywork & don’t know why it is so feared & maligned among some Christians. It is the most basic ‘laying on of hands’ with attention & intention. It is God’s work, not work of the Devil.

    And an added bonus for atheists…Energy Work can be explained scientifically. At least my mentor Dr. Metz & I believe so!


  2. An important part of dream interpretation is how it made you feel … That can reveal more than the symbolism …


    • contoveros says:

      Yes, dream interpretations always start at home.

      I mentioned my dream to a fellow Reiki attendant who told me how he had been struggling with a spiritual journal he was writing until after his Reiki treatment. The writing became much clearer for him.

      More clarifying.

      I told him it was “mystical!”

      . . . And that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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