Best sleep in years follows head treatment

I got the best sleep I’ve had in years last night and I owe it all to treatments I have received for not only what ails me, but what has been blocking my lower brain from connecting with my upper brain.

I slept like a proverbial baby, having gotten up only once during the night — around 4:30 am — to relieve the bladder and be kind to my prostate. Going back to bed, I drifted right back to sleep and enjoyed a complete dream of the old neighborhood and my days in a lawyers’ office, both in Philadelphia.

When I awoke, I stretched like I was a new born. I felt refreshed and full of life. I slept some 8 hours and had nothing pressing to do this morning except to meditate, shave, shower and get ready for a meeting later in this morning.


Healthy brain treatment aids sleep

I was amazed at the energy I felt in bed. I can’t remember when I had so much to look forward to, so much to be thankful for. I needed nothing and had no worries about what the future might bring.

Somehow I felt I was not alone. My favorite female cat (my only one — I got two males that are constantly wanting to play with the older feline) had jumped into bed and nosed her way beneath my outstretched hand. She nuzzled my hand rather forcefully and I gave her what she wanted. Rubbing my hand over her tiny head, I scratched and petted her outer and then her inner neck, hearing a loud purr before I petted her on the back.

She was feeling as good as I was and I wish I could have taken her with me the day before when I was pampered and brought to a higher level of consciousness.

I got my weekly acupuncture treatment last night and my back is as good as it felt the last time. I hope to continue this for a while and hope that I continue feeling youthful and full of vigor.

But what may have brought me to this peak was a treatment I got earlier, called the “Healthy Brain” treatment. I don’t know how it works, but I’ve received treatments for the past two months or so. The practitioner, Sheryl, guides me to a massage table where I lay on my stomach and she administered a laying of hands on the base of my spine and the apex of my neck and skull. She presses her finger into parts of the flesh and bones beneath my shirt. And then she requests that I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth pushing the air through the base of my spine and then that spot on the back of the neck that feeds into the top place of the spine.

I really get into it and by the time I finish five or six of these breaths, I feel rested and elated. More full of energy and life.

She repeats this practice as I turn over and touch the center of my chest where I breathe deeply into the spot, lifting my entire bottom up to the sky. I feel drained but completed at this time.

Sheryl told me that the energy treatment is cumulative. That is, the more I receive, the more my upper brain will respond to other treatments, such as acupuncture and/or massage.

I can’t wait for more treatments. I may want to seek a transplant and get a another head with a new and healthier mind that could take me to Nirvana or to the south side of Heaven.

Don’t worry. I’ll come back periodically to help you guys on your journey!

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