Coke and a Smile Now Watered Way Down

I love Coca Cola. It has been my favorite drink since I don’t remember when. I guess it all started with the small little green bottles that you had to use an honest-to-goodness bottle opener to crack open.

coke box

Coca Cola as I remember as a kid in Philly

And then you’d get a little taste of heaven. That first crisp bite on the back of the throat was like nothing compared to the commercials I’d see on television 40, 50 or even 60 years later. (O my God! Has it been that long?)

The secret to the taste is guarded somewhere in Georgia where a pharmacist apparently discovered a great way to mix a cola with seltzer water and/or other ingredients. At some point, it might have been tainted (or flavored?) with a little cocaine. Isn’t that where it gets it name? Coca cola?

coca cola

Original Coke

In any case, one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made is to stop drinking that cool refreshment. It seems that no soda is good for you. That includes the diet sodas that I thought would do less harm for my waist line. It turns out, they might even be worse.

And so, some six months ago, I stopped drinking Coke. It’s been hard whenever I see my son partake in it. It’s usually through a can, a 12-ouncer that he pops open and guzzles a few sips before letting out one of his all-guy-type burps. (Is there a girl-type burp? I guess so . . .)

I’m drinking water nowadays. Water mixed with coffee, water mixed with tea and my new favorite, water that has seltzer fizzing away with each sip.

I still miss the Coke. But, like many things in life that I had to give up — cigarettes, Johnny Walker Red and jumping out of airplanes – I know it is the best choice for me now.

It’s the real thing, my friend. Perhaps I’ll learn to teach the world to sing in a more perfect harmony soon!!

4 comments on “Coke and a Smile Now Watered Way Down

  1. Well said you two! What have I had to give up… there are too many things to list! Seltzer is good stuff… cold and refreshing! 🙂


  2. sam davies says:

    Had to give up many things as an adult, also. I still treat myself to a Coke once in a while but for the most part, having been diagnosed pre-diabetic, I try to stay away from the sugary drink all together. And, like you, MJ, I miss the stuff.


    • contoveros says:

      Thanks my good friend. We missed your smile today. I hope to see you wide awake and “refreshed” by our next writing extravaganza.

      Today it was free to write and the prompt was to tell about something that was difficult for you to do. Me? Giving up Coke!

      Michael J


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