A Course of Love is uniquely one of a kind!

Reading a chapter from the book, “A Course of Love,” is much like my study of the Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah.

I get uplifted and carried to another place, a different state of mind where I feel closer to the Word. The Word of God, if you know what I mean.

It is similar to the type of bliss I sometimes feel when meditating. But I am wide awake with eyes clearly open and my heart aflutter with love for what is entering into my very being from the printed words.


This is my experience and mine alone. Others have their own feelings and  will see and tell of mystical things a little differently. Or maybe not at all!



Open your heart to a new voice!

That’s the way of Life because – while we are all one in spirit — we’re all different in our senses and come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different mindsets.

Sometimes, however, I wish I could bottle my feelings and pass ‘em on to others.

The best I can do is simply write about the experiences and hope someone else somewhere might resonate with them.

A Course of Love is unique. You ought to try it someday!

Michael J, Philadelphia


2 comments on “A Course of Love is uniquely one of a kind!

  1. Mark says:

    My name is Mark. I am presently in Sedona where Mari gave inspiring presentations. I have also seen here in San Franisco, Fort Bragg, Santa Fe, and now here. I am interested in learning more about your group and Mari’s visit to Philadelphia. I am participant of ACOL groups in Florida, and southern Oregon (I spend about half the year in each place). Would you kindly introduce me to your group? If I were to visit Philadelphia for Mari’s presentation, might I also participate as a visitor to your group meeting?


  2. […] (For other stories about A Course of Love see: A Course of Love Awakens Love Inside, and Love Uniquely One of a Kind) […]


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