Cats & Dogs would come first in a do-over

If I had my druthers, I think I would have made cats and dogs more like people and make people more like the other animals.

Yes, as God, I would have changed the book of Genesis and created the dog first and then taking a rib from the first one, I would have created his loving mate and good friend, the cat.

Just think how life would have progressed with those fine species running things down on Earth. Human beings would not have the chance to go to war or to ruin the planet. Cats and dogs would get together and make up after their minor spats. Cats would live much longer having kept their nine-lives that I had initially provided them. No one would ever talk about a “dog’s life” unless they were referring to a kingly type of existence when the canine ruled from Toledo to Timbuktu.


cats and dogs.jpeg

And on the last day, God rested with his favorite creatures — Dogs and Cats!

Yes, dogs would rule the world and cats would grant all the  beauty and poetry earthlings long for and need each day. All creatures great and small would be provided for and there would be peace. When blessings fell from heaven, people would say it was “raining cats and dogs.”

Humans would be pets and do some of the things they’re doing now. Collecting poop after the dogs, digging scoops out of litter boxes for cats and providing food and shelter for the higher beings, their loving masters.

If I could just have that one do-over in life, I would do it right this time!

(Just Write group of Collegeville provided the prompt — “What would you do if you had a ‘Do-Over’?”)

6 comments on “Cats & Dogs would come first in a do-over

  1. lsnnj says:

    Animals don’t commit genocide – they kill mostly for food


  2. The Chester County Solid Waste Authority in Narvon, PA cares for over 30 loving little kittens and cats. That would be a great place to start your Do-Over! Oh, and do you need a human to do the scooping? 🙂


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