Dream a little (recurring) dream with me

I had my recurring dream again last night. For several years, I have gone to work at the daily newspaper dreaming the deadline for submitting copy was just minutes away and I had typed nothing about my story for the day.

I felt lacking, incomplete and unworthy of the money the Pottstown Mercury newspaper was paying me. I never got the payments and I had complained during half of the dreams, pointing out to authorities that checks they sent to an old address never made it to my new home. The paper owed me big time for all the stories I dug up and submitted over the years. In the dreams, I complained to the editor, the publisher and more importantly, the clerks on the first floor that handled all of the financial matters. No matter what I did, however, I couldn’t get them to pay for services rendered.

Last night, I spoke by phone with some guy who said he was going to make changes and provide me with a check in person rather than try to mail it.  I felt satisfied and went to cover a story at a local prison.

There, I met with a woman in her cell room and comforted her on a cot. It turned into a PG-RATED DREAM. That’s just one degree below an X-rated one. We kept all of our clothes on, but we snuggled up close and comfortable as I helped ease her pain and a sense a giant feeling of satisfaction grow in me. I promised to see her again this coming Friday if I could get off working at night. I figured I could show up at the paper and work the day shift and visit her at prison later on.


Recurring dreams haunt my sleep as I try unsuccessfully to finish writing by the deadline

Dreams are amazing. This past Sunday I attended a talk where a woman story-teller spoke of her dreams at the Center for Contemporary Mysticism in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Some 30 of us shared our own stories at individual tables of four or five people each table. We talked of what was described as “visitation” dreams where a friend or a loved one appeared providing us with a message. Most interpreted the visits as attempts to assure us they were okay where they were.

None were prophetic. None were like my recurring dreams. I guess I have to check in with students of Edgar Cayce and Carl G Jung to get the correct interpretation of my dreams. Who knows? Maybe they are prophesizing that I continue to write until the final deadline approaches at midnight at some future time.

8 comments on “Dream a little (recurring) dream with me

  1. contoveros says:

    Below is a correspondence about dreams from my Facebook page:

    Janet Mather

    Your dreams remind me a bit of my teaching dreams, back when–and after–I was a classroom teacher. It would be the first day of school, my hair would be unwashed, I’d be in pajamas, nothing prepared, and the children would be coming in….Another version of college exam dreams, also recurring, when I’d realize I hadn’t opened the textbook all semester! I never figured out any deep meanings, though they might well lurk. They were so opposite how I actually roll in my life! I hope you get that check in the next installment.

    And keep helping that woman.


    Michael J Contos

    I have similar dreams dreams, but it’s usually about high school and not being prepared for a class or an exam at the end of the school year.

    I also plan to try to help that young woman in the cellroom!


    Rosemary DeRosa

    I use to have recurring dreams about high school

    Michael J Contos

    I dreamt of getting on one of the elevators at Dobbins High School where we attended in Philadelphia a “few” years ago. But I don’t remember ever taking any of the elevators at the trade school. I don’t even know if there were any, but I dreamed of getting on one and never getting off before I woke up!


  2. pkcapaldo says:

    I do hope you continue to write until that final deadline.


  3. I have some bizarre dreams, myself. In color, too. Crazy stuff. I used to live in Virginia Beach and have visited the Edgar Cayce center there. Interesting man. Interesting place. Sweet dreams tonight.


    • contoveros says:

      While attending a presentation at the Center for Contemporary Mysticism on Sunday, a fellow told me how he would study at the Virgina site where Cayce created a hospital and how it had helped him with his dream journal and dream interpretation. I hope to visit Virginia Beach some day and look into the dreams in more depth.

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  4. Rebecca Goff says:

    You missed my share of visitation dreams, (Sunday) which I have enjoyed most of my life..Your dream appears to be one of a classic dream, of unpreparedness..frustration…the part about the woman in jail sounds like the nocturnal sexual/romantic adventure…they are always exciting, we get to live our our fantasies at night, often more fulfilling than daily reality..I am not surprised such a romantic guy like you would have these…keep dreaming, and thank you for sharing your soul..💖R


    • contoveros says:

      This romantic guy is blushing after reading your memo. Yes, I agree about your analysis. I fell unprepared a lot but with my meditation practice I just don’t care as much.
      I do care about those lovely ladies I see in my dreams every ow and then. They are fulfilling and fanciful!


    • contoveros says:

      I didn’t know you were friends with Katherine Houk from Rhinebeck.

      I met her a few years back and have been Blog buddies for years!


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