Tootsie Roll Pops Always Made Me Smile

Chocolate was my favorite flavor Tootsie Roll Pop. Cherry was my second. I don’t remember the first time I licked one. I must have gotten the candy at age five or six years old.

I was never a strong licker. I’d put the candy into my mouth with the stem dangling out as if I was smoking a cigarette. Next, I’d swirl it around guiding it from one section of the mouth to the other, letting the juices or whatever the saliva produced slowly drip down my throat causing an immense smile to take over my entire body.


Tootsie Roll Pops are Tops

I heard that Tootsie Roll Pops were good for people who wanted to quit smoking. I did it the hard way, going cold turkey more than 20 years ago. But I would have enjoyed placing them on my lips whenever the urge to smoke would crop up. That would be about 20 times a day, particularly if I was drinking with friends, singing with my old Doo Wop group or having sex, something I seem to recall experiencing a long time ago.



I’m going to save the one that I got of the Halloween candy bag. I’ll unwrap it when I get home and take in some political news of the day. I know it will sooth my soul and remind me of a time when we didn’t have as much fear and animosity in the world. Yeah, that’s when I was five or six and the only thing that scared me was when the nuns suggested we kids hide beneath our grammar school desks to escape the A-bomb falling on us.

Tootsie Roll Pops would take some of the sting away, don’t you think?

(Presented from a prompt offered by Just Write in Collegeville, PA)

One comment on “Tootsie Roll Pops Always Made Me Smile

  1. Yes, they are an amazing confection are they not! Flavor inside of flavor, and yes cherry was, and is one of my favorites. Fortunately never a smoker, as I read once I was ‘sugars bitch’ though, and have the messed up teeth to prove it. Hershey bars, bazooka bubble gum, hostess cupcakes, zagnut bars … the list goes on and on …
    I wonder if those were simpler times, or if they were times where we were just less aware of all the conniving and chicanery going on around us. It seems that truly today an abundance of information is causing a poverty of attention! I’d worry more about being a survivor than a nuclear shadow …


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