Five Jaunts remembered singing Doo Wop

I cannot recall the one and only time I saw myself perform on television with my singing group even though it was one of the highlights of my life.

I sang bass for a Doo Wop group in the late 1960s as we appeared on the Super Lou Dance Show. We sang two songs which were recorded by a film crew. The performance was taped in front of a live audience for Channel 29, a UHF Station with its studio at Old York Road in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown. (Philadelphia had three UHF stations – Channels 17, 29 and 48.)

We auditioned for the show’s emcee at his Northeast Philadelphia home and he agreed to performance a few weeks later. We purchased matching shirts like the one Seinfeld wore for his television appearance and we practiced two songs from our “Golden Oldies” repertoire.


Five Jaunts on the Super Lou Show

I remember walking onto the dance floor and staring at the bright lights that lit us up for the camera. My voice was the first one heard because I opened with a bass sound to start the Rock & Roll beat. I was advised later to remove my glasses because the lights shined too bright and the reflection was distracted.

All went well with the show and I’ll never forget Super Lou speaking to us at the end, stating my name as the “boom, boom” man! I couldn’t smile any brighter than I did at that wonderful moment. We sounded good and I can tell you there is nothing more divine sounding then harmonizing in a group!


We called ourselves The Five Jaunts. The night of our television appearance, we also “appeared” at a party held by Bob Palumbo in his mom’s house in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia. I remember how a cute little redhead kept giving me the eye. I got my very own “groupie” I thought, but failed to get her more interested in a more intimate relationship after the party.

The problem is, however, I cannot for the life of me remember seeing us sing on television. I have no memory whatsoever and I wonder today if I’m experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I simply can’t recall the television viewing even though I can remember the performance.

I do have lots of memories of singing together and I am so grateful that someone made a copy of our television appearance and while you can’t see us perform, you can at least listen to The Five Jaunts. Give a listen here:

(For another story of the Five Jaunts, check this out: The Five Jaunts.)


2 comments on “Five Jaunts remembered singing Doo Wop

  1. This was great! You are a Renaissance man, Michael J. It was nice to see this side of you. I could see you, didn’t need the television. Just might have to request a doo wop tune or two at our next Tuesday meeting.

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